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Health Advocate has been helping Americans navigate the healthcare system for more than 19 years and currently provide services to more than 12,500 clients serving more than 50 million people. We make healthcare easier for organizations and their employees and members by helping individuals and their families make the right medical decisions and navigate through complex healthcare issues, while empowering them to take charge of their total health and wellness. We engage people by personalizing their healthcare experience, using a hands-on approach combined with cutting-edge data analytics and proprietary information technology to help individuals achieve the best possible health outcomes while reducing costs.

Our business solutions leverage a unique combination of personal, compassionate support from healthcare experts using powerful predictive medical data analytics and a proprietary technology platform including mobile solutions to engage people in their health and well-being.

Our members enjoy a best-in-class, personalized concierge service that addresses almost any clinical, administrative, wellness or behavioral health need. Our clients benefit from high levels of engagement, improved employee productivity and health, reduced medical costs and simultaneously simplifying and upgrading their health benefits offerings.

Health Advocate specializes in establishing meaningful and engaging wellness programs. Our goal is to support the needs and objectives of each of our clients as well as meet our members where they are in their desire and ability to make lifestyle changes.

Our member engagement platform supports well-being with a variety of personalized digital experiences for members to engage, learn and track their progress. It serves as the hub for all resources including our Health Risk Assessment, activity trackers, personal and organizational challenges, incentives, workshops and programs, and more. Personalized advice and recommendations, based on individual health risk assessments, demographics, and screening data, provide members an experience that is meaningful, relevant and rewarding. Health coaching is available to enhance the online well-being experience and provide one-on-one support and guidance.

Health Advocate’s unique, integrated services improve all aspects of well-being and helps us transcend the “one-size fits-all” wellness program to deliver flexible well-being solutions that move metrics to improve health.

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