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At Health Advocate, we believe that the complexity of the healthcare system should not be a barrier to living well.
Since 2001, we have been making it easier for people to take control of their health and well-being by personalizing and simplifying the experience.
As one of the broadest offerings in the market, and scaled to the size of your organization, our end-to-end product suite eliminates the need for separate vendors by addressing the total health of your employees. We offer fully-integrated advocacy and navigation, mental and behavioral...

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Company Description - Health Advocate Solution - Company and solutions overview

Product Summary - Engagement 360 - Data-driven advocacy and navigation program designed to improve engagement

Product Summary - Health Advocacy & Nav - Health Advocacy & Navigation Program

Product Summary - EAP+Work/Life - Employee Assistance + Work/Life Program

Product Summary - Well-being/Wellness - Well-being Program

Product Summary - Digital Wellness - Member Digital Wellness experience

Product Summary - Biometric Screenings - Onsite Biometric Screening Program

Product Summary - Flu Shots - Onsite Flu Shot Program

Product Summary - Enrollment Advocate - How we help during open enrollment with Enrollment Advocate

Product Summary - LGBTQIA+ Support - How we help members of the LGBTQIA+ community

Product Summary - Quality Provider Match - How we help members locate in-network, high-quality, low-cost providers

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