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Health Advocate has been helping Americans navigate the healthcare system for more than 19 years and currently provide services to more than 12,500 clients serving more than 50 million people. We make healthcare easier for organizations and their employees and members by helping individuals and their families make the right medical decisions and navigate through complex healthcare issues, while empowering them to take charge of their total health and wellness. We engage people by personalizing their healthcare experience, using a hands-on approach combined with cutting-edge data analytics and proprietary information technology to help individ ...

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Detection of Hypertension Through Worksite Screenings.pdf

Identification of Undiagnosed Hyperlipidemia.pdf

Secondary prevention of diabetes through workplace screenings.pdf

Biometric Screeing Results.pdf

Chronic Care Solutions Program.pdf

Disruptive Events.pdf

EAP Program Results.pdf

Engagement 360.pdf

Engagement Select.pdf

Financial Wellness.pdf

Flu Shot Program.pdf

Health Advocacy Brochure.pdf

Health Advocate Solutions Overview.pdf

Health Cost Estimator Pricing Tool.pdf

How We Help- Across the Lifespan.pdf

Member Website and Mobile App.pdf

Wellbeing Product Bundles.pdf

Wellness and Biometrics Better Together.pdf

Wellness Incentives.pdf

Wellness Program Brochure.pdf

Wellness Program Results.pdf

Balanced Health Program Flyer.pdf

EAP Flyer.pdf

Health Advocacy Flyer.pdf

Wellness Program Flyer.pdf

Enrollment Advocate Flyer.pdf

Biometric Screening Flyer.pdf

Whitepaper Striking a Healthy Balance.pdf

Whitepaper Improved Health Outcomes.pdf

COVID 19 Coping with Job Loss.pdf

COVID 19 Eldercare_Resources.pdf

COVID 19 Protect Yourself.pdf

COVID 19 Remote Working Tips for Employees.pdf

COVID 19 Supporting At-Home Children.pdf

COVID 19 Tips_counter_social_isolation.pdf

COVID19-Managing Fear.pdf

COVID 19 ChildAndElder Help.pdf

COVID 19 Grieving-loved-one.pdf

COVID 19 Help for Healthcare Workers.pdf

COVID 19 Mindfulness.pdf

COVID 19 Return Pass Member Instructions.pdf

COVID 19 Return to Work Programs.pdf

COVID 19-ReturningToWork.pdf


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