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Humana EAP & Work-Life

Humana EAP & Work-Life

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  • Founded   1982
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About Humana EAP & Work-Life

The current Humana EAP and Work-Life Services program was created after Humana acquired Harris, Rothenberg International Inc. (HRI) on August 1, 2012. Over time, the organization became a pioneer and acknowledged leader in the field of Human Resource strategy, leadership development, and employee productivity. In 1987, HRI pioneered the integration of EAP and work-life services. After much success, in 1990 they expanded their scope to become the first EAP company in the United States to build its own international work-life services program. Since then, our program has built upon our experience to better understand human behavior and the needs of our individual clients. We are able to leverage our resources, data, and our responsive and sophisticated staff, who are committed to delivering the most satisfying and helpful experience possible to employees and their household members. As a result, we have seen positive responses through satisfaction and quality management ratings. Our clients and their employees have told us that they feel understood and helped with each experience, and that they can depend upon our EAP professionals to provide assistance every time they are needed.

Value Proposition

Our primary objective with each client is to help their individual workforce become as productive, happy, and healthy as they possibly can be. The execution of that mission varies for each client, and the strategy we devise for the client is unique and specific to their employees, goals, and culture. We partner with clients to identify the challenges facing employees. Over time, we come to understand who the client is, where they want to go, and the most efficient and beneficial way to get them there. This means developing a program that can anticipate their needs and deliver the value their employees want and need. Our EAP helps to reduce stress by identifying and resolving employees’ personal and/or work-related issues, including concerns related to health, relationships, depression, alcohol and/or drug use, work, emotional issues, anxiety and daily life stressors. Our approach to EAP and work-life services helps to improve employee performance by providing support and assistance with the issues and challenges that prevent them from giving their best performance at work and being their best selves at home.

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Humana EAP & Work-Life Offerings

  • Wellness Companies
  • Mindfulness at Work
    • EAP Providers
    • Health Coaches
    • Telephonic Health Coach
    • Incentive Fulfillment Companies
    • Health Risk Assessment

Humana EAP & Work-Life Reviews

Humana EAP & Work-Life Materials

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