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CLEO – Meet a Vendor

CLOE - Meet a Vendor

Shortlister hosted Catie Rhodes, Head of Consulting Relations & Partnerships, and Michelle Gile, Vice President of Sales at Cleo, to share how you can transform quick solutions into long-term strategies. Cleo’s family benefits platform supports hundreds of employers and their global parent communities with proactive, clinician-designed, and personalized programs to help working families better navigate and balance their health, parenting, and careers.

The Struggle for Working Families

Working family life is fragmented and failing for everyone.  Half of families have had one or both parents leave their job or scale back their career.  BIPOC parents are 28% more likely to be planning to leave their job.  And while having a sense of belonging at work is a key factor in parents’ likelihood to leave their job, only about one-third of parents feel included at work.

How Cleo Helps

Cleo provides targeted health, parenting and career support for working families:

Their products are built to support the diverse needs of families with expert proactive coaching, a digital experience and evidence-based programs, and an ecosystem of partners:

Each member is paired with a Cleo Guide for 1-on-1 ongoing proactive support. Cleo Guides build trusting relationships with members and are available to answer questions, help members navigate to other benefits, and to ensure proactive guidance around the changing needs of diverse families:

Cleo’s help extends beyond their own solution, helping members explore and navigate the breadth of family benefits available to them.  In addition to company benefits, members can access a vetted group of partners offering products and services to support working families.

And, I don’t think you can discuss Cleo without mentioning their support for DE&I through their Birth Equity program.  Black mothers are 3 times more likely to die in childbirth than white mothers.  Cleo’s Birth Equity program is focused on ensuring any minority and identifying members receive culturally and racially concordant perinatal care to close this gap.

Cleo’s Impact

Cleo drives impact across health and talent by reducing healthcare costs, improving health outcomes and acquiring and retaining top talent.  Employers and their people love Cleo.

The struggle is real for working families.  Are you providing the family support they need?

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