Meet a Vendor

DARIO HEALTH – Meet A Vendor

DARIO HEALTH – Meet A Vendor

Shortlister hosted Dr. Omar Manejwala, Chief Medical Officer, and Chris Chan, SVP of Employer Sales at DarioHealth, to share how they are using insights from consumer engagement to develop a deep understanding of the relationship between personal behavior and chronic condition management to redefine personalization.


DarioHealth is a leading Global Digital Therapeutics (DTx) company revolutionizing the way people with chronic conditions manage their health. They combine technology and the science of behavior to create durable improvements in chronic disease. Started as a Direct-To-Consumer company in 2011, today, they have billions of behavioral data points from 150,000+ users on the platform. All of these data points help them create a personalized experience and inspire users to self-manage their health on a daily basis.


When it comes to digital health, members have few reasons to stay and many reasons to stop engaging. Many solutions that succeeded in the academic environment failed to engage when deployed to employee and health plans populations. 

  • 43% drop-off for chronic disease apps
  • 5.5 Days: Average time on digital health apps


In the world of digital health solutions, the differences between people are often used to create personas that match “like” individuals by analyzing data, patterns, and demographics. This type kind of personalization is often called “fingerprinting,” and is a hallmark of first-generation digital health solutions. It’s an important foundation in digital health because people differ in how they engage, how they test and try new things, and how they form habits.  However, the fact is that fingerprints don’t change, but people do. What an individual liked and was willing to try yesterday is not necessarily the same as what they are willing to try today, especially when it comes to chronic diseases. 

Addressing intrapersonal changes over time – the growth happening within each individual – is a critical component for improving health outcomes. This new paradigm of engagement requires more than a nudge to change behaviors. It requires adapting to the changes happening around and within each participant using a radical approach to personalization proven to drive sustainable behavior change for better health.


One of the promises of AI in digital health is to drive highly personalized member journeys. However, the misapplication of AI is leading to oversimplification of the problem, driving personalization of digital health solutions without meaningful results. But there are clear applications of AI in the personalization of user journeys. For example, at Dario, they use AI for a very specific circumscribed problem—personalizing user journeys to drive engagement and outcomes.


DarioHealth published a study that examined data from a thousand users of DarioHealth’s digital health platform with Type 2 diabetes to understand the connection between personalization and sustained behavior change in digital health.

DarioHealth users achieved several meaningful outcomes, including:

  • 13% improvement in blood glucose stability in highly engaged users who maintained consistent digital engagement during the initial period relative to engaged users (9%)
  • 43% decrease in monthly average glucose levels in the month following increased digital engagement from the month prior 43% (during the initial 6-month period)

It’s human nature to evolve over time. This means that relying on static personalization based only on AI-driven matching of members to journeys will not provide us with long-term engagement for the best possible results. This is why DarioHealth focuses on the powerful combination of behavior science and AI. By dynamically personalizing user journeys, coaching, and clinical interventions, they are providing deeper, more meaningful engagement to produce more useful outcomes.

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