ELEVATE - Meet A Vendor

Shortlister hosted Elevate’s Co-founder & CEO, Brian Cosgray, and Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer, Brian Strom, to share how current trends highlighting expanding pressures on employers create the need for Lifestyle account offerings. 

In this webinar, we looked at plan design and technology considerations, and how Lifestyle accounts can support HR strategies around attraction and retention, DE&I, multiple generations, and employee well-being.  

These accounts are not just about supporting a lifestyle, they are about making people’s lives better. 

Lifestyle Accounts for the Modern, Multi-Generational Workforce 

With four generations in the workforce, a one-size-fits-all approach to benefits  is no longer acceptable.
That gives Elevate the ability to grow together with the market
and employer needs so they can add new Lifestyle Accounts as they come up.

Scalable Technology

A modern, multi-dimensional platform that meets the needs of employers, partners, and employees that’s: 

Easy to Use  

Designed Around You 


About Elevate 

Elevate strives to offer the industry’s most intuitive, configurable, and automated administration platform for employers, their employees, and their dependents, to maximize the advantages of consumer-directed benefits. 

Elevate’s modern benefit administration technology simplifies systems, boosts efficiency, and cuts costs for providers. 

Our experienced team has served over 10 million participants, 60,000 employers and 165 partners. 

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