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First Stop Health Telemedicine, Virtual Primary Care and Virtual Mental Health gets members in touch with a doctor fast for high-quality care.

It’s no secret that diabetes is one of the main drivers of healthcare costs and can lead to other costly conditions. So, the question is: How can employers encourage employees to engage in their health without causing an increase in healthcare expenses?

This is the answer: Implement a primary care strategy that is easily accessible and personalized for each patient.

Last week, we had the pleasure of hosting First Stop Health’s Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Growth Officer, Elena Gambon, for our Meet a Vendor webinar series. Elena dove into how Virtual Primary Care can revolutionize diabetes care, reduce healthcare expenses, and support a healthier workforce.


First Stop Health (FSH) excels at delivering healthcare experiences that people love and achieves a +94 Virtual Primary Care Patient Net Promoter Score. They provide cost-effective, value-based virtual care and ensure high engagement and top-notch quality. With the convenience of 24/7 access through an app, website, or call, patients can seamlessly connect with doctors or counselors. This saves them time and money and contributes to employers’ efforts to cut healthcare costs and minimize high-cost claims. 

The Virtual Primary Care, Virtual Urgent Care (Telemedicine) and Virtual Mental Health solutions offered as employee benefits showcase their commitment to comprehensive well-being. Utilizing the First Stop Health app, website, or a simple phone call, patients bypass the hassles of waiting rooms and paperwork, receiving the care they rightly deserve.


  • More than 1 in 10 U.S. adults have diabetes, and more than 1 in 3 have prediabetes.1
  • 1 in 4 healthcare dollars is spent on diabetes. Employers spend billions each year on care costs and lost productivity.2
  • Many adults with diabetes have other chronic conditions. 69% have high blood pressure, and 44% have high cholesterol.3
  • PCPs are the primary managers of diabetes and give routine medical care to diabetic patients. PCPs support ~90% of individuals with diabetes.4
  • Just 50% of adults have their blood sugar in control, and that number is decreasing.5
  • Individuals with diabetes are 3x more likely to have depression.6



First Stop Health’s Virtual Primary Care creates savings and delivers the following value:

  • Patients have longer, more frequent visits with doctors to get their health on track or maintain good health.
  • $0 virtual visits for members and their dependents
  • As a standalone solution, FSH virtual care runs outside of the health plan and does not incur claims.
  • Virtual care deters members from seeking expensive healthcare modalities (ER or urgent care centers).
  • Alignment with the United States Preventive Services Task Force age- and gender-based screenings for healthier populations.
  • Outside of the fee-for-service model.
  • Guaranteed success of solution with Performance Guarantees.
First Stop Health


First Stop Health believes that the key to quality care is connecting a patient with GOOD doctors.

Thus, their network is:

  • Owned and operated 100% by FSH
  • Board-certified for 5+ years
  • Has a 100% quality assurance of all visits
  • Nationwide 
  • 24/7 available
  • Comprised of MDs/DOs
First Stop Health doctors



First Stop Health’s virtual care, at its core, fosters accessibility by mitigating transportation and geographic constraints. They also strive to enhance access through diverse modalities (phone, app, and web), language inclusivity (90+ languages including ASL), time equity (providing availability during off-hours and weekends), dependent equity (ensuring all members’ dependents – as the members define them — have free access), and cost considerations (zero-dollar cost for their services)

Messaging that matters

FSH offers customized, continuous employee engagement campaigns that are organized, implemented, and fully funded by FSH – at no cost to the employer. The messaging is cobranded and specific to your solution with them and the modality that your people prefer (text, email, letters). FSH strives to meet members where they are and is tailored to the workforce it serves – whether it’s deskless populations, at-home workers or in-office employees.

Initial engagement: How does diabetes care work?

  1. The patient receives initial engagement from FSH. All employee engagement campaigns are persona-based, run year-long, and are free to the employer.
  2. Patients can complete risk tests to determine their diabetes risk before seeing a Virtual Primary Care doctor.
  3. For patients who already have a diabetes diagnosis, they can schedule an appointment with a preferred Virtual Primary Care doctor to determine the best treatment plans.
  4. Patients can schedule appointments as soon as the next day (the first-preferred appointment is 5 days, on average).

Patient experience

  • Collaborative environment to have a unique dialogue whenever and wherever is most convenient for the patient. ​
  • More frequent, longer visits keep patients engaged in their health and allow more time to discuss behavior changes.
  • Phone and video conversations facilitate shared decision-making by reducing the time and space barriers to patient communication. ​
  • Routine visits for regular testing to manage and monitor a diabetes checklist.​
  • There are no pre-defined limits on the number of visits a patient may have, allowing for many touchpoints for hands-on diabetes care and treatment plans.

Diabetes follow-up letters & ongoing care

The FSH Care Team sends members detailed follow-up letters following their Virtual Primary Care visit. The letter includes educational materials for diabetes and other concerns discussed during the virtual visit. Should a patient need in-person care, the follow up letter will include up to 3 thoughtfully researched specialist referrals based on soonest appointment availability, quality, low-cost and in-network status, and location. First Stop Health uses continuous communications to encourage follow-up appointments and adherence to treatment plans. Members now also have access to Diabetes Educators and Dieticians for an even more customized healthcare experience.


First Stop Health envisions healthcare as something that should be safe, straightforward, and affordable –all without sacrificing quality. Their dedicated team is wholeheartedly committed to ensuring members have delightful, personalized healthcare experiences. If you’re keen on cutting down healthcare costs and fostering a healthier workforce through Virtual Primary Care, don’t hesitate to connect with First Stop Health’s dedicated team today.

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