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FLO HEALTH – Meet A Vendor

FLO HEALTH - Meet A Vendor

Shortlister hosted Flo team for the Meet a Vendor Webinar.  Morgan Cutlip, PhD and a Member of Flo Health Medical Board and, and Maria Goncharova, Business Development Manager at Flo Health, introduced Flo for Business – the world’s leading female health and wellbeing platform – and shared how employers can support their team’s mental health with the help of Flo.


Flo is the #1 health and wellness mobile product with over 180M users worldwide. Flo offers solutions to most health and wellness needs that women face during their life above and beyond their reproductive health. Flo guides women along their wellness journey, providing meaningful support and customized insights.


Employers are choosing Flo as their wellness benefit because this leads to more engaged and healthy teams. These positive changes are also reflected in the organization’s bottom line – Flo contributes to the 10x ROI from improved employee productivity and resilience.

When choosing Flo, employers get:

The product is backed by science through collaboration with 80 medical experts and universities, medical associations, and health organizations. It ensures an evidence-based experience to employees.

Flo can add significant value as a part of wellness benefit offering. And prioritizing employee wellness is now more important than ever. 


We have witnessed drastic changes in the workplaces this year. As a result employee burnout became a truly hot topic in organizations. Although the concept of burnout has always been an important consideration for leaders, now it has become an urgent priority with a measurable impact. The numbers speak for themselves:

The impact of burnout on employees is significant. It results in:

All of this contributes to the fact that many organizations worldwide are incorporating wellness programs in their strategies. A simple yet effective way to start improving employee well-being in the workplace is increasing access to wellbeing resources and tools. Employers can quite easily incorporate this into their benefits package for employees to self-guide themselves into better well-being.


Flo is an app powered by AI technology with a tracker at the core. When using Flo, it is not only possible to track the cycle, but also weight, sleep, water intake, physical activities, and stress. 

As an Employee Benefit, Flo offers a Premium subscription with advanced features:

Wellness problems are tackled by multiple functionalities to provide a personalized and insightful experience for the user. 

With Flo, employers show their care and support for female employees. Every woman’s health is unique. Their benefits can be, too.




If you’d like to see how Flo can help employees in your or your client’s organization feel supported and achieve their full potential in the workplace, log in to access the full Meet A Vendor Presentation!

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