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Grayce – Meet A Vendor

Grayce is a global care empowerment solution that improves employees’ lives.

In today’s workplaces characterized by diverse, multi-generational staff, there’s a growing recognition among companies of the necessity to provide tailored family care solutions that cater to their entire workforce.

In our recent installment of the “Meet a Vendor” webinar series, Grayce SVP of Sales Dan Bongiolatti delved into the advantages of well-designed family care initiatives for a diverse workforce. He shared data on how Grayce’s comprehensive approach has the power to truly revolutionize the way employee support is delivered.


The weight of caregiving is placing a significant burden on your workforce and numbers just confirm it:

  • 3 out of 4 employees are taking care of a loved one, child, parent, sibling, spouse
  • 64% more likely to have depression
  • 60% more likely to have anxiety
  • 82% more likely to have hypertension

Top stressors include:

  • Emotional stress
  • Time-intensity
  • Not knowing what to do 
  • Financial cost

Caregiving is rapidly escalating into a critical challenge for businesses because:

  • Family care is the primary reason talent leaves the workforce today, after early retirement
  • Caregivers have 8%+ higher medical costs and they’re on your health plans
  • 79% of caregivers report stress and productivity loss


Grayce is the essential family care solution to navigate and resolve caregiving challenges from daily to complex for employees and their loved ones across the globe. With an unparalleled blend of expert concierge support and a robust, personalized tech platform, Grayce is the most advanced solution in this industry and the only one with proven 6-to-1 ROI from from an employer client retention study.

Grayce solutions


Comprehensive platform, personalized for each family featuring:

  • Personalized Care Plans – An action plan for each family’s specific needs
  • Curated Content and Tools – Articles, videos, trackers, and guides tailored to each family
  • Peer Connection – Connection 1:1 and social community, live events, stories
  • Benefits and Resources – Employee programs, local services, and products
  • Dedicated Care Partners – An expert partner available via consults and messaging

White-glove expert services for solving the most complex care challenges:

  • The most highly trained, W2 full-time experts in the industry
  • Dedicated 1:1 relationship throughout the year
  • Master’s degree in fields such as social work, gerontology, nursing, counseling, psychology, occupational therapy
  • 10+ years of care management experience at leading healthcare and care organizations
  • Prefer certification from industry associations


Going beyond daily and episodic care, Grayce is unique in the category by addressing all needs– including the highest risk. The full range of care challenges Grayce serves are the following:

  • Complex Care: Cancer, Musculoskeletal, Kidney Disease
  • Chronic Care: Dementia, Autism, MS
  • Episodic Care and Transitions: Hiring a caregiver, living transition, hospital discharge, end-of-life and bereavement
  • Daily Needs: Activities of daily living, parenting, care planning


Recently, Grayce conducted an economic impact analysis across their client book that demonstrated outcomes for employers, including:

  • 38% reduction in turnover
  • 98% of employees reporting productivity gains
  • 49% reported a reduced need for leave
  • 58% engaged with other employee benefits as a result of Grayce
  • 43% felt better able to attend to their medical care as a result of Grayce


In a world where everyone requires a helping hand, Grayce steps in to facilitate personalized care paths, enabling your employees to provide essential support to their loved ones. Provide your employees with a dependable solution they can rely on. Connect with the Grayce team today!

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