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LITESPRITE – Meet A Vendor

LITESPRITE - Meet A Vendor

Are you an employer who has a range of work settings and staff who work at different times of the day? Are you interested in providing mental health support that all of your employees will enjoy and can easily and consistently access? Litesprite’s app, Sinasprite, can meet the needs of a diverse team like yours.

Shortlister recently hosted Swatee Surve, Litesprite’s Founder and CEO, for a brief conversation about her company’s award-winning and clinically validated mobile app, which uses evidence-based treatment methods to help people manage chronic health conditions.

Surve was joined by Sarah Wakefield, Senior Director, Global Marketing and Employer Brand, AGC Biologics, who shared her company’s experiences in bringing the Litesprite solution to their employees.

What follows are the highlights from the discussion. Want to see it for yourself? Log in to watch the recording.

COVID-19 and mental health: Parallel pandemics burdening an already strained health care system

In 2020, mental health support went from a nice-to-have to a true business imperative. Two years later it is still at the top of mind for everyone including the employers.

Even employers with rich benefits suffer the impact of a provider shortage

This has widened an existing care gap so now it can take months to see a clinician. Current telehealth options can’t fill this care gap as they are also constrained by provider availability. Self-help tools play an important role to provide immediate and easy access to mental health support.

Litesprite is here to help: Make it easy for your employees to attend to their mental health with or without a provider

Litesprite is an award-winning digital health company helping consumers manage chronic health conditions. Its flagship solution, Sinasprite, is a first-to-market clinically validated mobile game that addresses multiple behavioral health conditions, including anxiety, depression, PTSD, and substance abuse. With engagement and retention rates 2-8X above industry benchmarks, Sinasprite is the best solution for values-driven employers of choice who want to be industry leaders in behavioral health employee benefits.

How Sinasprite reimagines mental health in the workplace

Case study: AGC Biologics

Many employers are searching for effective self-help mental health tools that appeal to employees. AGC Biologics, a leading global Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization with an extensive network of cGMP facilities in the U.S., Europe, and Asia, is one of them.

The challenge

AGC Biologics has enjoyed hypergrowth during the pandemic, but their employees were suffering severe burnout, and the company was facing high attrition. In addition to the behavioral health coverage offered through the medical plan, AGC Biologics also offers an employer-funded Employee Assistance Program (EAP), which they advertise heavily across their global employee population, which includes manufacturing technicians and engineers working multiple shifts across a variety of time zones to project managers and accountants working more traditional 9-to-5 office shifts.

Exacerbating the problem?

Traditional mental health services and other apps weren’t suitable as they were time-intensive, and they didn’t fit their employees’ lifestyles or needs.

Our EAP’s wide array of services beyond just counseling is more complex than their typical employee is willing to deal with, especially when in need of behavioral health support, said Wakefield.

Interested in bringing Sinasprite to your company?

Litesprite is offering a disruptive approach to delivering a tried-and-tested treatment modality that your employees can use with or without traditional clinical treatment modalities (e.g., therapy).

Your entire global workforce – and their loved ones – can access this benefit TODAY.

Please visit Litesprite’s Shortlister vendor page to request more information about their employer reporting program and straightforward PMPM pricing.

Are you a benefits consultant?

Litesprite are already a preferred vendor for some of the more well-known consultancies in the United States, and they would be happy to partner with you, too. Please contact Litesprite at to explore ways they can help you help your clients.

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