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Cancer Expert Now revolutionizes cancer care delivery with a cutting-edge platform facilitating rapid interactions with top oncologists to inform optimal treatment decisions for patients, families, providers, care managers, and payors.

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Julia Paphitis

Julia Paphitis

Vice President of Sales and Business Development

Cancer poses significant challenges, disrupting lives and impacting both individuals and employers alike. Every day, employers navigate through the complex landscape of supporting their employees while adhering to regulatory demands, implementing effective management strategies, and striving for timely outcomes.

Last week, we had the privilege of hosting Julia Paphitis, Vice President of Sales and Business Development at Cancer Expert Now. Cancer Expert Now stands at the forefront of innovation, leveraging the expertise of top oncologists, cutting-edge data insights, AI, and disruptive technologies to revolutionize the member experience. Their approach not only enhances outcomes but also minimizes waste.

During our webinar, Julia provided invaluable insights into how Cancer Expert Now’s White Glove Cancer Benefit Solution offers comprehensive support to plan sponsors, ensuring personalized and effective care for individuals navigating the complexities of cancer diagnosis and treatment.

About Cancer Expert Now

Cancer Expert Now is transforming cancer care delivery with a groundbreaking platform. Their rapid and efficient interaction connects patients, their families, providers, care managers, and payors with world-class oncologists. By harnessing existing benefits, CEN maximizes engagement opportunities, enhancing the experience for patients, families, physicians, and care managers, while optimizing benefits for better outcomes in cancer care.

Cancer Today and Future Trends

Group market solution: White Glove Cancer Benefit

Integrated to improve oncology outcomes and member experience

Cancer Expert Now’s solution seamlessly integrates with health plans and benefits, ensuring coordinated care and maximizing existing resources such as case management, pain management, and well-being initiatives. They offer customizable programs tailored to meet the unique needs of each group.

Delivering a higher standard of cancer care by removing barriers to expertise with:

  • Expert case review and medical opinions
  • White Glove Cancer concierge
  • Personalized care navigation and clinical support
  • Cancer awareness program and early intervention

Rapid expert intervention and enhanced care navigation


  • Helping patients find the right expertise locally, clinician-led NCI centers and COEs for rare and/or complex cases
  • VIP treatment at our network of Community High Performing centers leverages site-of-care cost savings
  • Virtual expertise & collaboration when wanted/needed to enable/encourage local care delivery
  • Collaboration with treating physicians 
  • Clinical trials

Member-centric patient ecosystem

Cancer Expert Now’s patient-centric approach leverages data and integrations to ensure they connect with the right members precisely when needed. They do that with:

  • Seamless Integrations for Efficient Collaboration: Direct connections established with vendors facilitate rapid collaboration. CEN targeted outreach extends to members, care managers, physicians, and vendors, powered by AI-driven insights, predictive modeling, and analytics.

  • Comprehensive Integration Management: The CEN system is fully configured to optimize your investments in health and benefits, ensuring seamless integration across all platforms.

CEN results: improved outcomes, 9/10 doctors change plan

  • 55% Avoided unnecessary procedures or treatment
  • 48% Corrected a misdiagnosis or cancer staging error
  • 35% Connected to a clinical trial or pharmaceutical program for compassionate use

Get in touch with the Cancer Expert Now team today!

When an employee gets diagnosed with cancer, it can be overwhelming for them and their loved ones. Figuring out treatment options is tough and can cost a lot. By providing Cancer Expert Now membership to your employees, you’re not just offering a perk or benefit — you’re extending a lifeline, easing their fears, supporting their families, and reclaiming precious time. So, don’t wait. Reach out to the dedicated experts at the Cancer Expert Now team today!

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