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HealthKick – Meet A Vendor

Learn about wellness trends and the future of corporate wellnessShortlister hosted Erika Zauner, Founder & CEO of HealthKick, to share more about the future of corporate wellness and how you can adapt wellness initiatives to the new normal, taking a deep dive into the remote work environment, trends in how employees are engaging in wellness offerings, and the lasting impact of the pandemic on corporate wellness.


HealthKick provides employees with wellbeing services personalized to their unique goals and needs to make healthy living a lifestyle.  Their mission is to empower employees to thrive professionally and personally through wellbeing.  They make healthy living personal, accessible, and fun through:

Get access to 500+ wellness brands with HealthKick

  • A personalized wellbeing platform of over 500 leading consumer health, fitness, and wellness brands
  • Seamless wellness stipend and incentive management
  • Monthly challenges and content to engage and motivate employees
  • Content features and wellbeing webinars to educate employees
  • Customized wellbeing programming tailored to a company’s needs

While most wellness programs address the “what” and “why” of wellness, HealthKick members report that the top challenges they face in maintaining a healthy lifestyle are about the “how” of wellbeing.  HealthKick delivers the “how” to employees with the tools and resources to conveniently, affordably, and sustainably make healthy living a lifestyle by providing access to healthy meal-kits and grocery delivery, 250+ fitness studios and livestream classes, mindfulness apps, wellness coaches, telehealth, and so much more.  The result? Average engagement rates of 50-70% of the eligible population.


The pandemic has influenced every aspect of how we live and work.  From our work to our workouts, our daily schedules and routines were drastically disrupted, and people have been coping with uncertainty and the need to build new routines, all with new stressors in their lives:

  • Health and safety
  • Parenting and homeschooling
  • Caretaking responsibilities
  • Career or financial concerns


Burnout is increasing with stress and anxiety at all-time highs, not to mention the Quarantine-15 due to stress eating and a decline in activity.  Many traditional wellness resources available to employees, such as on-site gyms, subsidized gym memberships, free healthy snacks, and annual health fairs are no longer relevant. And yet, now may be the time employees need wellness benefits the most.

Not only have companies had to swiftly adapt to the realities of the remote work environment focused on virtually accessible programming and resources, but the pandemic has further highlighted the need for companies to cater to the unique wellbeing needs of their employees and the importance of providing a comprehensive offering that addresses the wellbeing of the whole person- physical, mental, emotional and financial.


HealthKick is monitoring trends and adapting their programs for employees to engage in as they adapt to their new normal.  Here are some focal points:

  • Digital focus:
    • Fitness streaming apps, mindfulness apps, meal and grocery delivery, telehealth
  • Wellbeing of the whole person:
    • More comprehensive wellness benefits – physical, mental, emotional, financial – to cater to the person as a whole
  • Helping employees build new routines:
    • Providing the tools and resources to help employees create new routines with nudges to move daily and build in activity
  • Variety and flexibility:
    • Targeted offerings for unique employee needs beyond fitness – parenting support, mental and emotional health, financial wellbeing, ergonomic equipment, etc.
  • Building a connected community:
    • Virtual group programming from workshops to fitness classes to build community
    • Globally unified wellness benefits across all office locations

HealthKick is adapting to the new normal

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