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TaskHuman – Meet A Vendor

TaskHuman is a coaching platform that provides live, on-demand 1:1 and group session coaching.

Last week, Shortlister hosted Zac Slabaugh, Vice President of Consultant Strategy and Distribution, and Sam Testa, Chief Revenue Officer at TaskHuman, for an enlightening webinar. The session was focused on introducing TaskHuman’s expansive coaching platform, how coaching fits within the benefits ecosystem, and why it is important for driving real behavior change.


TaskHuman is a coaching platform that provides live, on-demand 1:1 and group session coaching. They aim to make a human connection between someone with expertise and someone who requires that support via their smart device. Through their global network of coaches available 24/7, TaskHuman wants people to feel equipped with support on personal and professional fronts.



In the dynamic landscape of today’s work environments, where the line between working from home (WFH) and returning to the office blurs, employee expectations are on the rise, accompanied by a noticeable dip in morale, such as:

  • Retention reigns supreme: Employees are looking for more than a raise. Culture, career pathing, and professional development are the new key drivers.
  • Employees are still stressed: The top two stressors are financial/economic and work-life balance.
  • Pharmacy costs continue to rise: Specifically, specialty drugs costs and weight loss programs/drugs like GLP-1.
  • Connection is at an all-time low: Employee engagement is 3.8 times more predictive of stress than working location (based on a Gallup Survey).
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TaskHuman stands at the forefront of providing tailored coaching and support across a spectrum of over 2,000 skills, available to employees whenever and however they need it—24/7, 365 days a year.

The following are TaskHuman’s eight comprehensive categories of well-being:

  1. Financial literacy coaching: Budgeting, savings, repairing credit.
  2. Professional development: Sales coaching, leadership coaching, remote work.
  3. Physical fitness: Home workouts, stretching, yoga.
  4. Home and family coaching: Parenting, fertility, prenatal.
  5. Healthy eating and nutrition: Planning, meal prep, weight loss.
  6. Mental and emotional support: Meditation, mindfulness, burnout.
  7. Spiritual practice and guidance: Explore spirituality, morality, and divinity.
  8. Personal growth and development: Career planning, work-life balance.


  • A notable 70% of TaskHuman coaches are women, highlighting a commitment to diversity in coaching representation.
  • Demonstrating sustained engagement, an impressive 80% of individuals interacting with TaskHuman each month engage twice or more within the same period.
  • The impact of TaskHuman coaching is underscored by the fact that the 150 people actively engaging with the platform invest an average of 150 minutes in coaching sessions every month.
  • TaskHuman is fostering inclusivity, with 30% of coaches on the platform identifying as people of color, contributing to a diverse and well-rounded coaching community.
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Step 1: Set your goals
Set daily or long-term goals for specific projects or professional goals.

Step 2: Explore
Dive into categories, coaches, and specific 1:1 focuses. Enjoy different coaching styles to find your best need.

Step 3: Stay motivated
Reconnect with coaches as many times as you want for management guidance or quick touch-bases for any specific project-related questions.

Step 4: Build your team
Employees create a dream team of coaches for all their personal and professional needs.

Step 5: Support 24/7
The TaskHuman Concierge is here to help find a coach for specific needs. Or, users can search for needs directly on their platform.


  • Easy to buy: Instant Roll-Out With NO IT Lift (No PHI/HIPAA, no IT/Sec review, short contract).
  • Easy to launch: Ready for your employees to use in 3-4 weeks. Employees visit the platform or download the app, enter the code, and can get started in less than 5 minutes.
  • Easy to use: Search any skill, find a coach, and start a call – instantly, no matter where in the world an employee is or when they want.


Take the initiative to connect with the TaskHuman team today and discover how you can connect your team to a global network of professional experts, unlocking their fullest potential, improving performance and engagement, and providing preventative support – instantly.

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