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Unmind is the workplace wellbeing platform on a mission to create mentally healthy workplaces, where everyone can flourish.

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Hannah Kloeckner

Hannah Kloeckner

Partnerships and Strategic Alliances at Unmind.

Last week, we were delighted to host Unmind for their fourth Meet a Vendor webinar. It was our pleasure to welcome back Hannah Kloeckner, who leads Partnerships and Strategic Alliances at Unmind.

Hannah demonstrated the impressive potential of Unmind’s holistic approach to fostering sustainable wellbeing and enhancing performance.

Invest where it matters

  • 3% of your population will use an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
  • 30% will utilize self-serve mental health resources, following best practices
  • 100% will be affected by the mental health culture you establish

Given these numbers, our recommendation is clear: you need a single platform that provides comprehensive support across your entire organization. You need Unmind.

Unmind leverages clinical, organizational, and positive psychology to delve deep into your company’s dynamics, identify well-being challenges, and ensure that the right people receive the right care at the right time.

Unmind platform

Unmind blueprint for organizational change


Revitalize your organization’s mental health through accessible therapy, advanced wellbeing tools, and content backed by science.


Strengthen your organizational foundation with science-backed coaching and development tools, nurturing leadership skills and successful teams.


Integrate a data-driven approach to wellbeing and develop a clear connection between mental health strategies and enhanced business outcomes.

AI coach

Unmind leverages cutting-edge AI to deliver personalized, impactful mental health strategies, ensuring each individual’s well-being journey is supported with precision and empathy.

  • Proactive: Provides accessible mental health for a better culture of wellbeing
  • Available 24/7: A trusted guide available 24/7, ready to connect your employees with the right wellbeing tools and advice.
  • Personalized: Remembers conversations across platforms for a more personalized journey.

Flow of work

Unmind provides employees with access to proactive, globally consistent support in the flow of work via MS Teams or Slack.

Teams client:

  • 62% engagement
  • 433% increase in Daily Users
  • 20% increase in uptake

Reach out to the Unmind team today!

If you’re looking for a strategic well-being partner backed by science and devoted to your business, contact Unmind today and let them show you how Unmind works.

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