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Woodhull Wellness offers tangible mindfulness and meditation tools to elevate people, communities and organizations globally.

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Molly Woodhull

Molly Woodhull

Founder and CEO of Woodhull Wellness

We were delighted to host Molly Woodhull, the Founder and CEO of Woodhull Wellness, in a dynamic webinar last week. In a concise 30 minutes, Molly shared invaluable insights into how Woodhull Wellness programs can revolutionize your workplace with realistic self-care and mindfulness programs.

Mental health issues are real, and your employees are struggling

  • 77% of job seekers say that employee experience is a deciding factor.
  • 65% of employees are disengaged employees.
  • 87% of employees expect a healthy work-life balance from their employer.
  • 64% of workers reported struggling with mental or behavioral health issues, and 91% of them said they’re less productive as a result.

One of the main reasons for the overall poor state of health is that some workers are unable to access the care and information they need in a way that feels accessible, interesting and realistic.

But here’s the good news: Woodhull Wellness is here to transform this narrative completely!

Molly Woodhull

About Woodhull Wellness

Prioritizing and investing in a culture of care where employees feel seen, valued, and cared for can lead to higher-performing, talent-attracting organizations.

Woodhull Wellness offers tangible mindfulness and meditation tools to elevate people, communities and organizations globally. Their driven teaching techniques provide realistic and meaningful ways to manage everyday stressors through mindfulness, meditation, movement and online programming.

Woodhull evidence-based programs inspired by the likes of Harvard, Duke and Stanford are tailored to your company’s needs and wellness goals. Their mission is to provide the workforce with realistic tools to help them manage stress and anxiety in and out of the office, such as:

  • Hybrid  
  • Online, self-paced programs
  • Monthly mindfulness sessions to support online learning
  • Lunch and learns and workshops
  • 1:1 coaching

Tailored solutions for every need

Woodhull addresses a myriad of workplace challenges, including:

  • Retention
  • On-Boarding
  • Workforce / Talent Management
  • Employee Experience
  • Employee Engagement
  • Culture
  • Social responsibility
  • Inclusion/ belonging

The benefits of mindfulness in the workplace

Embracing mindfulness in the workplace yields numerous benefits, including:

  • Better communication
  • Increased creativity
  • Reduced stress
  • More empathy for others
  • Increased productivity
  • Better decision making
  • Improved mental health
Woodhull Wellness

Connect with Woodhull Wellness today!

Recognizing that each organization and employee is unique, Woodhull Wellness offers personalized solutions that accommodate diverse lifestyles and stress management needs. Reach out to their team today to access realistic tools and programming that promote employee well-being and organizational success.

Elevate your workplace wellness with Woodhull Wellness – because a healthier workforce is a more productive and fulfilled one.

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