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MOBE – Meet A Vendor

MOBE - Meet A Vendor

Shortlister hosted Denise Vance-Rodrigues, Chief Commercial Officer, Employer at MOBE, to discuss how MOBE’s innovative care solutions are transforming organizations.


MOBE is one of the nation’s most innovative health and wellness solutions, offering an industry-changing model that provides a better way to care for employees while guaranteeing savings to organizations. They partner with insurance companies, employers, and individuals, delivering one-to-one guidance that helps people make better lifestyle choices and optimize their medication. 


MOBE believes that when people are supported holistically, they thrive. That means a more engaged workforce and less money out of your pocket, guaranteed. 

MOBE engages members with a personalized, one-to-one, “whole-person” approach, supporting all aspects of their health and empowering them to achieve their health goals.

  • Lifestyle + Medication 
  • Multiple channels, languages, to meet participants’ needs and preferences

MOBE leverages claims data and machine learning to inform and adapt their approach to each participant.

  • Over 1B claims analyzed 
  • Smart models stacked for insight 
  • Claims analyzed monthly

With MOBE you get robust and continuous personalized communication that engages your population like never before.

  • 40% participant engagement
  • 90% participant satisfaction

MOBE pioneered a value-based wellness model that guarantees clear savings. That means they only make money if they improve the health of your people and create savings for you.
As a result, MOBE:

  • Guarantees financial improvement.
  • Has saved over $140M in health care utilization reduction.
  • Eliminates the need for multiple point solutions. MOBE’s holistic program effectively addresses multiple chronic conditions by helping participants with lifestyle modifications.
  • Doesn’t add cost. MOBE’s program is paid using savings from the overall healthcare savings produced by the program.


Get paired with your dedicated MOBE Guide today and get the guidance and solutions that fit within your life, on your terms.

  • Custom one-to-one health guidance at no cost to you.
  • Connect whenever it works best for you.
  • Chat via phone or the MOBE Health Guide app.
  • Track progress to your goals.

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