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MyChoice® Accounts – Meet A Vendor

MyChoice Accounts are tax-advantaged and lifestyle accounts powered by innovative technology.

Last week, we had the pleasure of hosting Carrie Lopez, a sales consultant, and Natasha Schaller, a strategic advisor, both representing MyChoice Accounts (MCA), as part of our Meet a Vendor webinar series.

Carrie and Natasha unveiled the incredible capabilities of MyChoice Accounts, an industry-first AI-enabled, integrated consumer accounts platform, and highlighted how it is revolutionizing engagement, customizing benefits, and significantly enhancing the adoption of HDHP and HSA plans.


MyChoice Accounts are tax-advantaged and lifestyle accounts powered by Businessolver’s innovative technology. Built by industry experts, their proprietary platform integration is precisely tailored to meet the specific needs of both employers and their employees – offering a highly customizable tax-advantaged accounts and employer-sponsored lifestyle spending accounts. Employers have the flexibility to select the category and amount, while employees reap the benefits!


MyChoice Accounts knows that every dollar counts. That’s why they want to help members maximize their contributions and savings. MCA provides a simple, intuitive platform, a single payment card for all accounts, no-noise account administration and swift issue resolution. Their extensive experience in consumer accounts administration has helped them identify critical pain points in data, timing, and security issues that often plague FSAs, HRAs, HSAs, and commuter benefits.


With MyChoice Accounts you get consumer-directed healthcare made easy:

  • One login to enroll, manage and interact with benefits
  • One debit card for all consumer accounts
  • One call center and chat for benefits questions
  • A virtual benefits assistant, Sofia, on call 24/7 who regularly resolves about 89% of same-day chat volume
  • One Mobile App for health plan, deductible info, claims, reimbursement requests and info on the go.

The MyChoice® Mobile App helps you maintain a seamless connection to your benefits, no matter where you are.


  • Keep tabs on your balance
  • Easily file claims or request funds
  • Effortlessly make payments to providers
  • Expedite document uploads using your device’s camera
  • Access member services with ease
  • Effectively manage your bank accounts, debit card, and providers


  • Mobile adoption increased by 40% for MCA clients, getting more employees engaged with all their benefits in one place
  • MCA clients see 3x engagement and employees in the mobile app
  • 93% auto-substantiation rate
  • 7% CIP first-time pass rate


If you’re eager to discover more about MyChoice Accounts, don’t hesitate to get in touch with their dedicated team today!

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