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SecureSave – Meet A Vendor

SecureSave makes saving for emergencies easy and helps employees navigate the unexpected in life.

Shortlister hosted Jason Herman, Head of Partnerships, and Troy Savigny, Partnerships Manager at SecureSave, to discuss how SecureSave helps people save for emergencies and ensures they are prepared for life’s unexpected events with their emergency savings solution.


Employer-sponsored emergency savings accounts (ESAs) have become the trending new benefit. America’s lack of savings and new legislation included in SECURE 2.0 has brought this topic to the forefront of the benefits community.

SecureSave provides an ESA solution purpose-built to drive positive savings habits – leading to an average adoption rate of 60%. Emergency savings is all SecureSave does, which means they are 100% focused on creating an easy-to-use savings program that ensures employees are prepared for unexpected expenses.

Why do employers like it?

An easy, low-cost benefit supporting all income levels.

Improves employee satisfaction and well-being.

Why do employees like it?

Employees get a free FDIC-insured emergency savings account that provides a fast and simple way to access emergency funds without withdrawal fees or penalties.



Purpose-built for emergency savings

Innovative invitation-based program


SecureSave leads with the guiding tagline: Emergency savings is the foundation for financial wellness. For the vast majority of people, the goal of money is to make them feel safe and secure. This is the core of SecureSave as a benefit and financial solution they wish they had throughout their careers – and one they are excited to offer as leaders.

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