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SmartDollar – Meet a Vendor

learn what true financial wellness is with SmartDollarShortlister hosted Brian Hamilton, Senior Vice President of SmartDollar, to share more about the proven plan that has helped millions of employees take control of their money—even during a pandemic.


Americans are stressed. And we know employees bring this stress with them to work. 90% of employees said they were concerned with money during this pandemic, and the number one concern was not having enough emergency savings.

There are millions of options when looking for financial wellness benefits.  Many of these programs offer solutions like automatic payroll deductions, payday advances, student loan refinancing, 401(k) loans or early withdrawals, short-term loans, and generic education.  While these may sound like helpful benefits, they all come with drawbacks that will end up harming employees’ financial wellness and having a negative impact on businesses.

There is hope!


SmartDollar is the Dave Ramsey’s financial wellness solution for corporate America. Ramsey Solutions has been helping people change their behavior with money for three decades and they have a proven plan that works.  With nearly 1,000 team members, over 15 million books sold and over 16 million weekly podcast listeners, they are helping tens of millions of people achieve true financial wellness.

Dave Ramsey is a trusted financial leader


So, what is true financial wellness?  When employees:

  • Have control over their day-to-day finances
  • Have enough cushion to handle most financial emergencies
  • Are out of debt and able to manage their expenses without swiping a credit card
  • Are on track to meet their savings and retirement goals

WHY SMARTDOLLAR WORKSMitchell found financial freedom with SmartDollar

SmartDollar is the only financial wellness benefit that leads to lasting behavior change. SmartDollar makes difficult money concepts easy to understand with the top names in money and bestselling authors, Dave Ramsey, Rachel Cruze, and Chris Hogan. SmartDollar provides a proven step-by-step plan, the 7 Baby Steps, where employees learn to budget, save for emergencies, eliminate debt, and retire with confidence.

SmartDollar’s online platform provides 24/7 access to innovative tools to work the plan with inspiring and motivating content and a wide variety of questions and answers to help people anytime, anywhere and on any device no matter where they are on their financial journey.

As employees start making real changes to their money, their stress is reduced, and they become happier, more productive employees resulting in a real impact to the business through reduced absenteeism, decreased healthcare costs, increased participation in the 401(k) and reduced turnover.

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