Meet a Vendor

STORK CLUB – Meet A Vendor

STORK CLUB - Meet A Vendor

Shortlister hosted Allison Phelps, Director of Strategic Alliances at Stork Club, to discuss what clinical best practice means in the context of fertility and family building, along with practical tips on how you can ensure your population is best supported by their family-forming benefit providers. 


Stork Club is the only end-to-end integrated family-forming management solution that provides care and support at all stages of the family-forming journey (those that want to have a child later, want a child now, are pregnant, have a newborn or are a working parent).

Stork Club focuses on helping all people access all options to form a family, as well as taking care of their reproductive health before and after family-building events, regardless of their age, gender, race, biological, and any other unique differences.

As maternity care was created over a century ago and hasn’t changed significantly, they’re leading the movement to meet the new requirements of a modern family to create the next-gen inclusive family-forming support system.


Stork Club’s philosophy is not simply to add more care, but to apply evidence-based insights in prioritizing the support design to help employers achieve 3 main goals:

  1. Improve member access to care and experience
  2. Improve family-forming clinical outcomes
  3. As a result of both: control overall maternity cost

This is how they prioritize the services they offer – their solution is all about how Stork Club can help improve outcomes for the most individuals/families and reduce costs. 

In comparison with others, Stork Club is not just an app or a benefits solution. Instead, Stork Club is your trusted advisor to help you identify the gaps in care, providing solutions and analyzing investment performance.


Stork Club believes that the future of family benefits is personalization. They do things differently to help improve the disjointed member experience throughout the entire family-building journey. The role of their model is to not just fill the gaps in care, but also to connect them, to provide comprehensive cohesive experience in one application for members that helps drive better clinical outcomes at every stage of the journey and control costs. They do this in a few ways:

  • Coverage design provider network and medical plan integration– Stork Club’s bundle-based coverage design ensures all necessary tests and services are performed to improve clinical outcomes. Stork Club offers members access to their proprietary fertility clinic center of excellence and has the ability to integrate with the employer’s medical TPA.

  • Transparent and predictable cost – Included in the Stork Club app is transparent and predictable cost information. 

  • End-to-end Support – Stork Club offers support through all stages of the family-building journey inclusive of:
    • Unlimited access to the Stork Club online platform
    • Dedicated 1:1 care navigation through each stage of the family building journey helping the member to navigate their coverage and the process for each treatment, including timelines, options, payments, assistance with care coordination as well as providing emotional support and advocating for the member
    • Unlimited access to live telehealth experts ranging from fertility assistance, pregnancy guidance, newborn care, lactation and child sleep consultant, postpartum recovery, mental health support and so much more
    • Coordination with third party offerings such as Milk Shipping or Back-up childcare
    • Integration with all employers existing programs and policies including STD and paid family leave
    • Ability to administer surrogacy and adoption reimbursements


Stork Club’s model of a high-performance center of excellence integrated with the family building throughout all stages layered with care navigation creates strong validated results, such as the following:

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