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VIRGIN PULSE – Meet A Vendor

VIRGIN PULSE - Meet A Vendor

Shortlister hosted Rebecca Blonder, Director of Consultant Relations, and Hannah Wojcik, Enterprise Sales Director at Virgin Pulse, to share more details about their award-winning engagement and activation solutions and find out how their services help companies build a great culture and thrive.


While health and wellbeing are important for everyone, the journey to health is personal. Homebase for Health™ is a total health engagement solution that drives sustainable, long-term behavior change and delivers outcomes. It is a simplified and orchestrated “one-stop-stop” member health, wellbeing, and benefits experience that unifies the digital health tools and resources people need to understand and take action towards their personal health goals. 

Virgin Pulse’s Homebase for Health™ solution features:

VP Navigate – Helping employees navigate their care through a trusted benefits resource members use every day in one central location.

Virgin Pule DEI pillars – 200+ original DEI-oriented content experiences (in all supported languages) in the VP content library, including tip cards, challenges, and curricular content.

Guides – Homebase for Health® experts that provide live, on-demand, one-on-one support for members’ whole health.

    • Personalized guidance to answer questions and help members understand, activate and utilize benefits best for them.
    • Experts in program design, integrated benefits, and culture, that act as an extension of HR teams.
  • Human touch: connecting with VP live coaches and guidance – Person-to-person support for lifestyle health, chronic conditions management, and benefits navigation.

  • High availability of mental health coaching – Strengthen connection and accountability – key drivers of sustainable behavior change.
    • Same day / next day appointments with anxiety and depression coaches.
    • Includes new unlimited coach messaging (available to all coaching participants).
    • Available stand-alone or as part of a coaching package.

  • Digital-first and human touch approach – Accountability and trusted support for those who need it, including program guides, telephonic coaching, onsite health coaching, program coordination, and digital therapeutics. Digital content spanning over 40 different health and wellbeing areas from activity and nutrition, to financial and mental health, and also condition management and smoking cessation.


Virgin Pulse will host Thrive Summit 2022, the premier conference for employee health and wellbeing. Virgin Pulse is bringing together HR leaders from Fortune 500 companies and beyond for thought-provoking sessions, peer learning, and healing. 

In Austin, Texas, the event will occur on April 26-28, 2022, both in-person and virtually.

It’s expected that more than 750 people will participate in this multi-day immersive learning experience centered around the theme, “Wellbeing Amplified.”

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