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WellRight – Meet A Vendor

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Last week, Shortlister had the privilege of hosting WellRight for an enlightening Meet a Vendor webinar series. During the session, Courtney Schroeder, Director of Consultant Experience, and Jennifer Landis, Regional Sales Manager, delved into the core pillars of WellRight’s approach.

They explored how their holistic wellness expertise, strategic customer success management, and customizable program design coalesce to empower organizations in crafting engaging programming tailored to meet individuals exactly where they stand on their wellness journeys.


What sets WellRight apart are the exceptional differentiators that form the cornerstone of their service, such as:

  • Experienced Team: WellRight takes immense pride in its dedicated team, whose unwavering commitment is to their work and your ultimate success.
  • Strategic and Consultative Approach: Their approach is tailored to your unique needs, ensuring they craft a comprehensive program that seamlessly aligns with your goals, resulting in a truly holistic wellness experience.
  • Flexible Platform: WellRight offers unparalleled flexibility, encompassing everything from branding and communication to incentives and beyond.
  • Personalized Member Experience: They understand the importance of meeting employees exactly where they are on their wellness journey, guaranteeing each individual a personalized and meaningful experience.
  • Real-Time Adaptability: With WellRight, you can make unlimited real-time adjustments without any development hurdles, empowering you to respond dynamically to evolving needs.
  • Seamless Integration: WellRight offers seamless integration capabilities, facilitating easy and effective collaboration with your existing vendors, resources, and programs.


WellRight has engineered a comprehensive wellness program that serves as more than just a solution – it’s an environment that cultivates lasting habits and empowers employees to thrive. Their approach is centered around igniting purpose and providing unwavering support across all dimensions of well-being: emotional, occupational, social, financial, and physical.

It all starts with data. WellRight knows that the better you understand an individual member, the better the experience will be. Data can be integrated from an eligibility file, biometrics, health risk assessment or third-party partners that are within a benefit toolkit. This data seamlessly flows into WellRight’s platform, becoming the backbone for tailoring and personalizing the subsequent steps for each member. What sets their program apart is its innate flexibility that allows employees to embark on a personalized well-being journey that resonates with them. 

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Wellbeing is a personal journey.

WellRight offers a powerful platform that focuses on personalizing each individual’s wellbeing journey. The platform has a unique ability to tailor communication to effectively engage participants through meaningful content and connection to resources like EAP, Benefits, 3rd Party Vendors and more.

So, how does WellRight achieve this intricate interplay of data and personalized engagement?

It’s all in their strategic approach and ability to make real-time changes in order to drive ongoing engagement. WellRight provides a dedicated strategy team to proactively ensure clients are reaching their wellbeing goals. With access to custom communication tools, real time reporting, and the guidance of their customer success manager–clients are empowered with data to make strategic decisions and program changes in as little as 24-hours. That level of flexibility is unheard of in the industry–making it easy for people to engage and drive program success. 


In conclusion, if you’re looking for a corporate wellness platform that goes beyond the ordinary, offering a fully customizable and  comprehensive wellness program to empower employees on their wellness journey, don’t hesitate to contact WellRight’s dedicated team. 

With their expertise, strategic approach, and innovative solutions, they’re poised to elevate your organization’s wellness initiatives to unprecedented heights. Reach out to their team today and embark on a transformative wellness partnership.

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