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Journey - Mental Wellbeing for Teams

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Journey, helps organizations reduce stress, improve productivity, decrease healthcare costs, and build a stronger company culture. They host weekly virtual and in-office sessions and already work with Time Warner, Warby Parker, WeWork, Humana, Nasdaq, Nike, and Conde Nast, as well as growth-focused startups, law firms, non-profits, and many others. Their programs are rooted in mindfulness and offer a simple, approachable, dynamic, and intuitive curriculum designed by top wellbeing teachers, psychologists, and neuroscientists.

Each 30-minute class includes a brief primer on the science of mindfulness, reminders for beginners on how to meditate, a 10-12 minute guided practice, Q&A, and a daily tip to help employees us the practice to lower stress, increase focus and improve communication skills at work and home. Participants can receive access to the Journey LIVE App - the world's first live, group meditation app, featuring daily classes from amazing meditation instructors and 50+ on-demand sessions to watch anytime (TechCrunch called them "Peloton for Meditation").

Programs are available in annual, semi-annual and quarterly lengths, and include a full Client Success team to launch and drive engagement in the program, plus a Business Impact Metrics Report which measures the impact of the program on your organization.

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Journey - Mental Wellbeing for Teams Info & Reviews

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