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About Ovia Health

Founded in 2012, Ovia Health is a private company with over 70 corporate clients and 25% growth year over year. Ovia Health has helped 14 million people successfully navigate their parenthood journeys, along the way building a reputation as the most trusted family solution available. We have been ranked as the #1 health app on the market for the past 5 years, earning a 4.9 satisfaction rating. Ovia's solution impacts an impressive 40% of all US pregnancies. Ovia Health now has one of the most comprehensive databases of women’s health data in the industry, information which we use as the foundation of our data analytics platform. Ovia Health integrates with a number of vendor partners to ensure a seamless interface for the member. Ovia Health’s platform also serves as a central health hub for members, enabling employers and health plans to integrate their benefit offerings through our Benefits Navigator. We have demonstrated increased utilization across the entire benefits ecosystem. We routinely integrate with third party vendors offering telemedicine, behavioral health, second opinion, remote monitoring devices, milk shipping services, breast pump benefits, child care services, short term disability programs, third party administrators, NICU case management, and rewards and incentive solutions.

Value Proposition

Ovia Health focuses on addressing the areas of maternity care that drive a disproportionate amount of maternity costs including: multiples (resulting from infertility treatments), preterm birth, unnecessary c-section, preeclampsia, gestational diabetes and postpartum depression. We are the only solution proven to reduce cost and improve outcomes. Ovia Health book of business outcomes: 30% increase in natural conception 30% reduction in multiple gestations 25% reduction in preterm delivery & NICU 18% reduction in preeclampsia 15% reduction in C-sections 44% increase in return to work 9% increase in breastfeeding 60% increase in perinatal mental health identification

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