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Salary Finance

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About Salary Finance

Salary Finance is a global financial wellness platform focused on solving the root cause of financial stress: a lack of employee savings, caused by high levels of high-interest personal debt. According to a survey conducted by Salary Finance of 10,484 US workers, nearly half of employees are financially stressed, causing anxiety, depression, and sleepless nights. This leads to less engaged and less productive employees who are more likely to leave your organization.

Value Proposition

With Salary Finance, employees can pay down their existing, high-cost debts (like credit cards or payday loans) by replacing them with a single, low-interest loan repaid through salary deduction. Since repayment is taken automatically through payroll, it's easy for the employer to implement and administer ongoing. The Salary Finance team also partners with you and the employer on employee engagement throughout the year to help make sure employees who need help can get it. We also provide tools for smarter budgeting and access to local resources for employees in immediate need. The average employee who has taken a Salary Finance loan pays off debts 6-12 months sooner, saves over ,000 on interest payments, and sees a 45 point average credit score increase. And it’s high-impact, low-effort for the employer: - No cost, no liability - Minimal effort to implement and administer (5 minutes per pay period) - Average 28% improvement in employee retention according to a study by Harvard Kennedy School

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Salary Finance Offerings

    • Short-Term Loans
    • Financial Wellness Programs
    • Financial Coaching Tools
    • Financial Education

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Salary Finance Materials

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    Salary Finance - One-Page Executive Summary.pdf

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    US Employer's Guide to Financial Wellness.pdf

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    Salary Finance for Benefit Advisors.pdf

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    Salary Finance - The Reality of Employee Financial Stress.pdf

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