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Sqwire, LLC

Sqwire, LLC

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  • Founded   January/2019
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About Sqwire, LLC

Sqwire is an online financial wellness platform designed to help our members reclaim ownership of their finances so they can live a more fulfilled, healthy life. Combining comprehensive financial education with live personal support, our members always have useful information at their fingertips - no matter what financial decisions they are making. Headquartered in Norfolk, VA, the Sqwire team has translated almost 20 years of experience in the financial services arena into a user-friendly online platform that simplifies key financial concepts and applies healthy habits and best practices to everyday situations. Explore a customizable demo site here - getsqwire/demo/ Review a sample lesson here - getsqwire/sample-module/ Watch a video platform tour here -

Value Proposition

Presented in a community environment to encourage authentic connections, ongoing engagement and positive change, Sqwire delivers weekly challenges that trigger long-term sustainability and success. Over 160 videos and 64 lessons break down key concepts and relevant financial topics for everyday living, along with worksheets, workbooks, calculators, resources and curated content. We focus exclusively on education, general best practices/strategies and information only. The goal is to provide a safe environment to learn without the pressure of a secondary sales agenda. We partner with socially-minded employers that understand that the best employees are valued and supported both in and outside of the workplace. Providing support and interest in their personal financial wellness fuels morale and longevity, which has a direct impact on the company bottom line as turnover and absenteeism are reduced, and productivity improves. Key benefits featured here - getsqwire/hr/ Similar offerings are available to trade associations and similar agencies, military personnel, etc. We also partner with colleges, universities, alumni associations and parent’s associations to deploy financial literacy programming to soon-to-be college graduates and recent graduates to help equip their future success and stability as they build their adult lives. Key benefits featured here - getsqwire/college/

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Sqwire, LLC Offerings

  • Corporate Wellness Training Companies
    • Digital Health Content Companies
    • Corporate Wellness Training Seminars
    • Workplace Wellness Webinars
  • Financial Wellness Programs
    • Financial Education

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