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Strive is a nationwide provider of fitness and wellness services. We operate in the workplace wellness, community health, and government markets. Our solutions address population health management, physical activity, fitness, nutrition, stress management, strength and conditioning, injury prevention, physical rehabilitation, physical therapy, mental health, and musculoskeletal-related issues. Our programs enhance the culture of health for workplaces and military facilities, increase measurable levels of engagement and productivity, and contribute to reductions in injuries, health risks, medical claims, and workers compensation claims. We support a diverse portfolio of customers in both the government and private sectors, including all major health insurance companies. Strive is also recognized as a strategic partner by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for application of its evidence-based approaches.

Strive Well-Being can help you design a challenge to accomplish your fitness and wellness goals. Whether it’s getting your employees to log on and interact with your existing wellness portal or becoming more active in your fitness center.

By the end of your Strive workplace wellness challenge, employees will be familiar with the programming you offer. They’ll be motivated to participate and will continue to see desired health improvements:

 weight loss
 lower BMI
 reduced blood pressure
 better nutrition

Strive will help you create a Corporate Fitness and Wellness Challenge specifically-designed to meet your wellness objectives.

Strive Well-Being has designed successful events for a wide range of clients. One of these large-scale events was a two day “Amazing Race Challenge.” Over 30,000 employees of San Diego County participated.

Strive helped San Bernardino City Unified School District increase engagement with an existing employee wellness portal. Strive created an onsite physical activity challenge with a variety of classes. It was combined with a countywide wellness challenge event, managed by Strive. This program won an award from the National Counties Association.

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