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The Larkin Company Employer Portal - A holistic approach to tracking leaves, modifying & creating reports, & more!
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At The Larkin Company, we’re recognized as the premier experts in leave and disability management. Serving diverse industries, including Tech, Healthcare, E-commerce, Transportation, and more, we’re dedicated to delivering innovative, customized solutions for companies that value a personalized, employee-centric approach to absence management.

Not only do we administer employee leaves of absence, but we also design and implement self-insured disability benefit plans (including self-insured California State Disability Insurance). In additio ...

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The Larkin Company Info & Marketing Materials

Company Description - Larkin Overview - Gain a better understanding of our unique approach.

Company Description - The Larkin Way - Take a deeper dive into our distinct values and advantages.

Company Description - The Larkin Leave Journey - Trace an employee’s journey before, during, and after a leave.

Product Summary - Larkin Services - Discover our progressive approach to services.

Product Summary - ADA Administration - Understand how we help clients navigate the complexities of ADA.

Product Summary - Eldercare Navigation - Learn how we address the growing need for eldercare services.

Product Summary - Family Care Concierge - Learn how we address eldercare and childcare issues.

Product Summary - Workday Integration - 4x faster integration than anyone else! (3 months to complete)

Product Summary - Self-Insuring CA-SDI - Gain insights into how we help companies navigate SDI while reducing costs.

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