Top Vendor Selection Criteria

On a quarterly basis, Shortlister reviews the vendors who apply to participate in the various product categories we service to determine the “top” vendors.

A wide range of criteria are evaluated to determine which organizations are featured as Top Vendors.

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RFPs initiated
RFI questions

Business Information & Stability

- How long the organization has been in business
- Number of clients
- Number of lives covered
- Number of employees
- The recency of information in the Shortlister platform

Buzz Factor

- Website profile page views
- Number of ratings collected from vendor’s clients
- The recency of ratings collected from vendor’s clients
- Quality of ratings and reviews collected from vendor’s clients
- Social presence
- “Look ups” in the Shortlister platform

Shortlister System Data

- Bid inclusion
- Wins vs. losses
- Finalist meeting scores
- Quality survey ratings (post-implementation)
- The recency of ratings and comments

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