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Web Benefits Design Corporation

  • 5/5 (2 reviews)

  • Founded 02/2001
  • Group Sizes 100 to 45000
  • Customers Served 882.6K

About Web Benefits Design Corporation

Web Benefits Design offers full-service benefits administration outsourcing solutions that provide both HR professionals and their employees with a suite of unique technology, administration, compliance, and communications solutions. Our integrated benefits administration technology streamlines many of the HR administrative tasks and processes through an easily accessible, real-time platform and the proprietary online enrollment system automates the entire employee benefits program.

Value Proposition

Our origins stem from a unique blend of benefits, HR and technology backgrounds. The C-Suite members at Web Benefits Design are industry veterans with expertise garnered across two decades or more. When you put a think tank as powerful as ours—armed with their irreplaceable experience—into a room to tackle a problem, the result is pure magic!
We continually modify and enhance our platform to meet the needs of clients while staying one step ahead of our competition. The result is an arsenal of tools that can often be modified, re-purposed, and re-packaged to fulfill any demand.
And, understanding that technology can’t fully replace human interaction, our Signature Services model provides flexible, tailored, full-service solutions to clients that require outsourcing and/or additional support to complete people-centric tasks. The main services include call center, dependent documentation collection and management, pending and qualifying event management, Evidence of Insurability monitoring, and decision support options.

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  • ACA Reporting Software
  • Benefits Administration Solution Companies
  • HSA Administrators
  • Human Resources Software

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