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Wellness Coaches delivers affordable healthcare services that produce exceptional results by combining the power of human interaction, technology and data analytics solutions.

Since 2002, we have delivered industry leading outcomes and ROI through personalized support and comprehensive, integrated, and customized health and safety solutions for employers. As one of the largest and most experienced wellness, nutrition, and injury prevention service providers in the workplace, we offer high-quality services onsite and virtually wrapped around a host of technology enabled capabilities to ensure everyone receives that personalized and human touch.

We have leveraged decades of experience deploying healthcare professionals nationwide and have expanded our solutions to help businesses address the health and safety of their employees including Corporate Wellness Nutrition, QuitNet Smoking Cessation and Healthy Ways®, an innovative digital health platform that delivers personalized wellness plans to every employee in your workplace.

Healthy Ways® provides expert guidance from hundreds of experienced coaches and registered dietitians in an engaging and easy-to-use interface. Each employee’s Healthy Ways® experience is precisely tuned to their specific needs, interests and medical history, and users are incentivized for healthy behavior changes.

Wellness Coaches is the largest, most highly developed, and experienced national provider of onsite coaching and related services. Our mission is to help companies improve the health and safety of their employee populations by working one-on-one with their employees to achieve large-scale and lasting health and safety behavior improvements. The application of our onsite model, operating through our proprietary operational, training and delivery methodologies, engages more employees in coaching than ever before possible.

We presently provide our services to ≈500 employer locations in ≈35 states throughout the country. In addition, we service most business classifications (including manufacturing, transportation and distribution, hospital systems, municipal government, construction, pharma, financial services, technology, schools and professional services) and all sizes (from 50 lives to some of the largest companies in the world). Onsite coaching to improve employee health and safety is our business, and we do it very well.

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Wellness Coaches Info & Reviews

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