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Avidon Health - vendor materials
Empower your coaches. Engage your population. - Deliver exceptional experiences with our award-winning automation solution.
Avidon Health - vendor materials
Avidon Health - vendor materials
Avidon Health - vendor materials
Avidon Health - vendor materials
Avidon Health - vendor materials
Avidon Health - vendor materials
Avidon Health- vendor materialsAvidon Health- vendor materials

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Avidon Health provides innovative coaching solutions to personalize engagement and create behavior change at scale. We are a team of behavior change experts who empower people to make positive life changes by focusing on the individual, not just the condition. Avidon's core product, Engagement Rx, is a digital coaching platform used to improve adherence and outcomes for diverse populations, and includes an interactive eLearning portal, coach CRM, and Content Design Studio. This turnkey-but-customizable solution can serve as a standalone portal ...

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Avidon Health Info & Marketing Materials

Product Summary - Video-based Courses - Psychology-based online courses to break deep-seated unhealthy habits.

Product Summary - Stress Reduction - Create calm and build resilience.

Product Summary - Nutrition & Weight Mgmt. - Overcome unhealthy habits that lead to obesity.

Product Summary - Diabetes Management - Take charge of diabetes.

Product Summary - Fitness - Learn to love exercise.

Product Summary - Alcohol Management - Get drinking under control.

Product Summary - Tobacco Cessation - Quit smoking for good.

Product Summary - Healthy Sleep Habits - Sleep and perform better.

Product Summary - Stoping Substance Use - Achieve and maintain recovery.

Product Summary - Content Overview - Healthy living content library

Sample Report - Efficacy and Outcomes - Proof of clinical programming, methodologies and outcomes

Sample Report - LivingLean Factsheet - Nutrition & weight management

Case Study - Health Systems Support - Doubling patient compliance through enhanced engagement.

Case Study - Insurance Services CS - Health coaching expenses cut by 30% while participation increased by 67%

Other - Primary Care Support - Increase engagement and improve patient outcomes.

Other - Microlearning Courses - Evolved health & well-being training

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