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Vitality leverages sophisticated tools to optimize an employer’s investment in health and well-being. We focus on what is proven in changing people’s behavior and improve their health by deploying the right technology, science and analytics, incentives, and expertise in our human capital resources. The program includes a holistic approach of engagement opportunities in wellness components such as physical, financial, mental, and social health. This approach includes dynamic and personalized activities such as goals, education, and resources, as well as a simple, intuitive experience for both members and clients.

Vitality Group is a member of Discovery Ltd., a global financial service organization and pioneer of the Shared-value Insurance model. We bring a global perspective through successful partnerships with employers of all sizes (U.S. corporate wellness offering) and best-in-class insurers around the world. In the U.S., for employers with more than 2,000 employees (our Large Group segment), Vitality’s comprehensive core offering will meet your needs. We also offer a comprehensive program for our Mid-Market segment (employers with 50 to 2,000 employees). Now available in 2020: Vitality One, a powerful, mobile-first platform retaining Vitality’s long-standing emphasis on measurement while significantly transforming how we personalize activities, build healthy habits and level up daily engagement.

Vitality is an internationally recognized health promotion program based on behavioral, actuarial and clinical principles. Vitality encourages individuals to commit to long-term healthy changes in how they live, work, exercise, eat, sleep, deal with stressors, etc. It uses multiple engagement activities and intelligent incentives that motivate ongoing improvements in health. Vitality also includes goals and content promoting safety, physical activity, and mental well-being during the global COVID-19 pandemic.

Providing services to over 20 million individuals in 26 markets around the world, the Vitality offering is designed specifically to mitigate health risks and lower healthcare costs. Vitality is focused on smartly designing programs that use clients’ dollars wisely by tailoring the construct to focus on interventions that have the most profound impact on health holistically, thereby impacting the broadest set of the population. Through our mobile-first program Vitality One and our legacy Elevate program, we use the right blend of behavioral economics, incentives and technology in a way that delivers lasting and sustained behavior change for employees. These elements are underpinned by exceptional client and customer service through consultative communications strategies, thoughtful multi-year incentive strategy design and proven best practices in health improvement.

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Vitality Group Info & Reviews

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