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BHS optimizes organizational performance by empowering individuals to achieve their fullest potential. We are a privately held, 100% women-owned, stand-alone provider of comprehensive well-being solutions that improve the health, productivity and safety of employees and the culture, performance and profitability of organizations.

For over 35 years, we have provided well-being support to thousands of corporations, agencies, institutions, associations, and organizations and currently support 1,174,000 individuals across the globe. Our solutions include:

• Employee and student assistance programs
• Work-life services
• Crisis management
• Corporate wellness
• Well-being coaching
• Organizational development

As a highly effective workplace partner, BHS provides reliable and confidential services for the unique needs of our client’s people and their family members. We also serve as a trusted adviser to leadership on organizational issues that impact the culture, health, and safety of the workplace.

BHS is committed to rapid responsiveness, extraordinary customer and participant service, proactive program promotion, achieving high levels of program utilization and engagement, delivering on our promises, using data to recommend effective solutions to improve organizational culture, and exceeding our customer’s expectations as a workforce performance partner.

BHS understands that true wellness encompasses more than just your physical state. That’s why our approach to wellness is different. Our programs are designed to improve your employees’ health, quality of life and overall well-being while empowering them to reach their fullest potential.

Through proactive program management, savvy program design and personal goal setting, BHS wellness programs provide a formula to maximize return on investment. From intuitive Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) to personalized well-being coaching, we work directly with your employees to develop a healthy and productive workforce.

Every BHS wellness program is guided by clearly defined and measurable goals. Designed to create and sustain a permanent change in culture and behavior, our team constantly analyzes program data to identify trends and provide recommendations on program adjustments to achieve goals and maximize results.

Whether your intent is to cut healthcare costs or improve your company’s culture, we help you define specific benchmarks, timelines, incentives and outreach—all targeted to your budget.

Wellness program features:

• Dedicated program management
• Online wellness portal
• Program reporting
• Program promotion
• Well-being coaching sessions
• Wellness education and training
• HRA and biometric screenings
• Online team health and wellness challenges

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BHS Info & Reviews

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