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Carebridge Corporation

Carebridge Corporation

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  • Founded   07/1990
  • Group Sizes  500 to 160000
  • Customers Served  3M
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About Carebridge Corporation

Carebridge EAP is a full-service, fully integrated, seamless EAP and Work-Life program. Carebridge has achieved a thirty-year track record of success and satisfaction assisting premiere organizations in a wide spectrum of industries nation-wide.

Value Proposition

The Carebridge EAP and Work-Life program is seamless and easy to implement. Our services consistently increase productivity, promote cost savings, enhance employee engagement, support a culture of wellness and health and decrease liability for our clients. Carebridge is value-oriented, offering exceptional pricing, outstanding quality and comprehensive service.

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Carebridge Corporation Offerings

    • Access & Treatment
    • Substance Abuse Support
    • Behavioral Health Providers
    • Corporate Wellness Training Companies
    • Digital Health Content Companies
    • Corporate Wellness Training Seminars
    • Workplace Wellness Webinars
    • Mindfulness at Work
    • EAP Providers
    • Senior Support
    • End of Life Resources
    • Tobacco Cessation Program
    • Health Coaches
    • Health Coaching Software
    • Onsite Health Coaching
    • Telephonic Health Coach

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