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  • Founded 1999
  • Group Sizes Larger than 500
  • Customers Served 1M

About EXOS

EXOS is a world leader in the field of human performance — a category we created more than 15 years ago. We have been providing fitness and wellness center management services for 20 years. Today, EXOS employs nearly 5,000 people in over 400 locations spanning more than 30 countries.

With award-winning facilities and spaces, technology, equipment, and services, EXOS connects people to the solutions they need, provides individualized plans based on time-tested fundamentals and scientific research, and delivers on helping people succeed by optimizing their health and performance.

Each day, EXOS reaches over a million people with our solutions and services. We provide solutions to over 25 percent of Fortune 100 corporations, academic institutions, health systems, sports organizations, the U.S. military, community centers, and residential communities.

EXOS has been honored to receive numerous awards and achieve company milestones that help provide our clients with exceptional solutions. Some of our notable achievements and awards within the last decade alone include:
• Named as one of Fast Company’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Fitness
• Scientifically proven approach to achieving results, as seen in notable published case
studies including the Intel IRB study
• Named in the INC 5000 List

Value Proposition

EXOS has created a unique value proposition by providing the best in fitness center management, design, and operations along with proven human performance solutions that harness the power of technology and innovation to serve our clients. Our commitment to innovation is demonstrated by our performance innovation team, which works across design, development, data-mining, and research and analytics. We recognize that solutions are not a one-size-fits-all and we work each day to craft the best solutions for our clients and participants.

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EXOS Media

EXOS Offerings

  • Wellness Companies
  • Corporate Musculoskeletal Programs
  • Corporate Fitness
    • Corporate Fitness Center Management
    • Corporate Fitness Programs
    • Corporate Fitness Challenges
    • Corporate Challenge Program
    • Corporate Walking Challenge
  • Corporate Nutrition Programs
    • Onsite Health Coaching
    • Health Coaches
    • Health Coaching Software
    • Biometric Screening
    • Finger Stick Blood Test

EXOS Materials

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