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Givhero inspires and motivates healthy behaviors, so individuals can improve their lives and their communities. Givhero is a social wellness platform, that leverages employees’ intrinsic motivation to increase adoption, retention, and engagement in well-being programs. Employers tap into this powerful motivation by supporting community causes employees care about and rewarding healthy behaviors with donations to those charities. 93% of our members say that the connection to local charities motivated them to achieve their wellness goals. Employee wellness, social wellness, community wellness!

Employees set health and wellness goals, connect a phone or device, and track their progress. Goals are fully customizable to frequency, duration, or can be cumulative. Employees “go it alone”, join a team, or join a challenge. Givhero offers many goals, including walking, running, biking, swimming, active minutes, weight loss, sleep, blood pressure, blood sugar and total well-being (fully customized). Givhero connects to most devices, including, Apple Watch, Google Fit, Samsung Health, Fitbit, Garmin, Misfit, Withings, Strava, OneTouch, Omron, Nokia and Peloton (via Apple Health and Fitbit).

Givhero is fully customizable, including charities, donations, logo, unlimited challenges, unlimited individual customizable goals, company landing page, challenge leaderboards, pre-built reports, mobile push notifications, philanthropic budgeting tool, and full email customer support.

Challenges are customized to the client/employer, and can be based on different activities/goals focused on different areas of well-being (physical, emotional, community, social, intellectual, etc.). The start/end and duration is custom to client preferences (daily, monthly, quarterly, all-year long), along with the charitable partners. All programs include customized causes/charities and reward/donation processing.

Physical activity challenges (steps/walking, running, active minutes, biking, swimming, climbing stairs, weight, virtual 5k/10k walk/run events, sleep, blood pressure, blood sugar), well-being challenges (spiritual, emotional, intellectual, social, environmental), and "Total Well-being" challenges that combine multiple areas of well-being into a single challenge (physical + social + spiritual; for example be active for 20 minutes + connect with a colleague + meditate for 5 minutes)

Total well-being challenges can be fully customized to the client's list of activities and combine different areas of well-being (physical + Intellectual; get 20 minutes of activity in + listen to a new training video/podcast, etc.). The list of activities is anything custom to the client (e.g. give a high-five, connect with a colleague, call a family member, make a healthy meal, listen to a podcast, mediate, give thanks/gratitude, etc.).

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Givhero Info & Reviews

4.6 Overall Score from 14 reviews












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4.6 Overall Score from 14 reviews

"Givhero offers us a completely automated, easy to use tool, to allow our employees to give back and be active at the same time. A very nice compliment to our commitment to employee and community wellness"

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