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30+ Benefits of Corporate Wellness Programs

Corporate wellness programs are growing in popularity, not just in large companies but also in small, medium enterprises. Employers are learning of the benefits that they stand to gain from the implementations of wellness programs. Here are some statistics that support the utilization of these programs.

Current State of Affairs

  • Employee well-being is a vital part of business plans for 78% of employers (VirginPulse, 2017)
  • 46% of U.S. worksites offer some type of health program to employees (CDC Workplace Health in America Survey, 2017)
  • Almost 30% of employers offered a program to promote physical activity, 19% to help with tobacco cessation, and about 17% have weight and obesity management programs (CDC Workplace Health in America Survey, 2017)
  • Half of companies agree that workplace wellness programs can help reduce costs (IHC, 2016)
  • Nearly 70% of employees would participate in workplace wellness programs if provided by their companies
  • More employees take part in lifestyle management programs, but it is disease management programs that saved the most money for employers (RAND, 2014)

Improving the
health of employees

  • 53% of employees with wellness programs noticed an improvement in their health (UnitedHealthcare, 2018)
  • 67% reported reduced body weight, and 30% said it helped them detect a disease (UnitedHealthcare, 2018)
  • 56% of employees had fewer sick days because of wellness programs (UnitedHealthcare, 2018)
  • Wellness plans help improve overall employee health behaviors (NCBI, 2012)
  • 31% of employees with a wellness program would devote an hour each day to their health (UnitedHealthcare, 2018)
  • 8 of 13 studies on workplace wellness programs found improvements in physical activity, 6 of 12 in diet, and 3 of 4 in mental health (AJMC, 2012)
  • 6 of 7 studies on tobacco, and 2 of 3 on alcohol found positive effects and significant reductions (AJMC, 2012)
  • 5 out of 7 health risks improved after a year of participating in a wellness program (NCBI, 2015)

Financial benefits of workplace wellness programs

  • Well-designed wellness programs lead to a return on investment (ROI) of $1.50 to $3 per dollar spent over a timeframe of two to nine years (US Chamber, 2016)
  • For every dollar spent on wellness programs the company saves $5.82 in lower employee absenteeism costs (ISDH)
  • Companies reported an average drop of 26% in health costs (IHC, 2016)
  • And a reduction of 30% in workers’ compensation and disability management claims (IHC, 2016)
  • Sixty percent of respondents reported that workplace wellness programs reduced their organization’s health care costs (US Chamber, 2016)
  • 63% of employers offering wellness programs reported increased financial sustainability and growth (IFEBP, 2017)
  • Companies with highly effective health and wellness plans are 40% more likely to report better financial performance than low-effectiveness companies (SunLife, 2012)
  • 62% of participants in a wellness plan said that it helped them lower healthcare costs (PRNewswire, 2016)

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Benefits across the organization

Implementing a corporate wellness program is a solution that benefits everyone. Both companies and employees experience a boost in morale, health, and productivity.