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Compt – Meet A Vendor

Compt is the number one employee stipends platform that gives people the freedom to choose lifestyle perks they really want.

In today’s competitive benefits market, offering an attractive compensation package can make all the difference when it comes to attracting and retaining top talent. But managing personalized lifestyle benefits can be a headache for brokers and their clients, who need to balance budgets, tax compliance, and employee satisfaction.

That’s where Compt comes in. Their all-in-one reimbursement platform simplifies and streamlines employee stipends, team recognition, and expense management, allowing brokers and their clients to customize benefits packages to fit their unique needs and goals while staying compliant with regulations and industry standards.

Last week, we had the pleasure of hosting Jenna Consiglio, Senior Manager of Strategic Partnerships at Compt, for our Meet A Vendor webinar series. Jenna discussed how Compt can help you create a better benefits package that drives business growth and keeps you ahead of the competition.


Compt is one of the most compliant global Employee Reimbursement platforms allowing people to choose their lifestyle perks. Founded by a three-time former CFO, and two-time COO, Compt is fully customizable, IRS-compliant, and can support global teams. With Compt, there is no pre-funding which minimizes risk for HR and is a win for finance teams.

Their easy-to-use solution masks a profoundly complex and unique infrastructure, including the following:

  • Embedded IRS Tax and Dept of Labor compliance
  • International payroll and currency support for every country
  • Thousands of employee eligibility options
  • Nontaxable and taxable claims in a single stipend
  • Ability to support employers of any size


  • The major limitation of a vendor marketplace is that there are limited vendors to choose from.
    If an employee wants to support a local or unique business, they won’t be able to.
  • Vendor marketplaces are especially challenging for distributed teams.
    Not all vendors are available in different cities/states/countries.
  • The Compt platform is vendor agnostic.
    The flexibility and personalization of the vendor’s model result in higher engagement rates. 

No vendors = All vendors


Compt is the first employee reimbursement platform designed to support a distributed workforce on any budget. They are continuously driving unprecedented customer outcomes:

  • 90% Fund Utilization out of all money managed
  • 91% Employee Engagement vs <10% typically seen w/traditional perks
  • 97% Account Activation – Only payroll software has a higher activation rate!


Hyper-personalized digital fitness

  • Tool consolidation
    All-in-one platform for stipends, rewards & recognition, and expense management, saving time and money.

  • Differentiate yourself
    Be different from others in your space. Bring a cost-effective, tax-compliant solution to the table for your clients that can scale as they grow.

  • Engage teams, reduce turnover
    Personalization matters. Reach every generation and trade in barely-utilized perks for a program with 90% and above engagement.

  • Seamless integrations
    Compt integrates with all major payroll providers making reimbursement simple. HR teams spend less time on admin and more time improving the employee experience.

Compt was created to empower people leaders to give more personalized support to their employees and, in doing so, foster an inclusive culture of balance and belonging. Reach out to Compt to see how they can do the same for your team.

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