Meet a Vendor

GIVHERO – Meet A Vendor

GIVHERO – Meet A Vendor

Shortlister hosted Timothy Guinan, Director of Partnerships at Givhero, for first-hand insights on Givhero’s social wellness solution. It’s a carefully tailored program that leverages employees’ intrinsic motivation to increase adoption, retention, and engagement in well-being programs.


Givhero is a social impact company with a purpose to inspire and motivate healthy behaviors so individuals can improve their lives and their communities.  Employers tap into this powerful motivation by supporting community causes employees care about and rewarding healthy behaviors with donations to those charities. In fact, over 92% of Givhero members say that the connection to local charities motivated them to achieve their wellness goals.

Givhero solves the following challenges for its clients:

Challenges with Wellness Programs:

  • Low Program Adoption < 30%
  • Low Program Engagement
  • High Administrative Burden

Covid-19 challenges:

  • Remote Workforce
  • Physical and Mental Well-being
  • Work Life Balance


Givhero engages employees in longer duration, high-value programs, through social incentives. This solution simplifies wellness programs with specific, achievable goals and challenges, that showcase social responsibility efforts. And everything is automated in order to reduce the administrative burden.

Implementing Givhero is easy:

Step 1: Select wellness challenge, charity/charities and donation reward budget

  • Physical wellness/activity challenges
  • Well-being challenges
  • Total well-being challenges

Step 2: Givhero provides assets, email content, QR codes, and video
Step 3: Schedule onboarding call with employees to launch
Step 4: Use the Givhero app to track and achieve program goal(s)
Step 5: Unlock donation dollars to charities of your choice


Here are the main benefits:

  • Increase adoption in wellness programs
  • Increase engagement and retention in wellness programs
  • Reduce administration

Here are the main features for clients and employees:

Features for employees:

  • Mobile App Branded with Client Logo
  • Unlimited Health and Fitness Goals
  • Challenges and Challenge Leaderboards
  • Teams (Includes Personal/Family Teams)
  • Social Motivation (Applause, Badges, etc.)
  • Well-being Content and News Feed
  • Full Customer Support

Features for clients:

  • Admin Dashboard
  • Prebuilt and Custom Reports
  • Fully Customizable Challenges
  • One-tap Onboarding
  • Curated Content Through In-app Communication, Push Notifications and News Feed
  • Planned Rewards Budgeting
  • Matching Gifts
  • Donation Processing and Charitable Receipts
  • Full Customer Support

Today’s forward-thinking employers are focusing on their employees’ experience, from onboarding, to communication, recognition, development, causes they care about, committees they serve on, the communities they live in, and their overall well-being needs. Join Givhero today and support your employees’ well-being, organizational culture, and community in just a few clicks!  Employee wellness, social wellness, community wellness!

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