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Shortlister hosted HBD International Founder and CEO, Greg McLoughlin, and VP of Operations, Andrew Stephenson, to explore global best practices on ‘prevention methodology’ across the total workforce population. This methodology targets health, mental health, and injury prevention. As a working example, they shared their innovative executive health program for improving health and human performance.


The name HBD stands for Health by Design, and that is exactly what they do. With 25 years of experience, HBD is providing workplace health, wellbeing, and injury prevention programs. They achieve the highest sustained program engagement and measured population health outcomes in the industry. 

Over the years, their program proved its effectiveness based on the following achievements:

  • More than 95% voluntary program engagement across the total workforce population
  • 79% of the total population making positive behavior changes

The HBD team carefully tailors personalized programs that will best fit the clients at all levels. They start with the organization’s uniqueness, its logistics and people as a parameter to create the most suitable platform for them. 

Depending on the organization logistics and goals, HBD delivers the program in the following ways:

  • HBD – full program
  • Train the trainer
  • Combination


  • Health and wellness
  • Injury prevention and ergonomics
  • Mental Fitness
  • Executive health, leadership, and human performance programs


The main focus of HBD is prevention. Statistics show that preventing a health risk saves 40% more resources than reversing one once it exists.

This, their proven pathway to prevention, has the following structure: 

  • A structure that is making engagement easy and consistent
  • Content that is relevant and actionable
  • An adaptive and progressive program that provides ongoing value


HBD Has Specific Programs for Populations or Target Groups:

  • High-Performance Pathway – helps people learn how to acquire and maintain their best energy available when they need it the most.
  • Chemistry 4 Success – powerful option to support executive health and high-performance, also serving as an exceptional targeted initiative for high-performance teams.
  • Performance Plus – a new program that creates a more approachable and scalable proactive mental health program for teams or populations.


Choosing HBD for a wellness vendor means you are choosing real people, who will give you real results.

The numbers speak for themselves:

  • 85% of the total population engaged per contact cycle
  • 79% of the total population implementing actions
  • 50% of the total population measured change
  • 26% of total population risk range reduction
  • 30-60% reduction in injuries

Prevention is the most sustainable way to get ahead of the curve for effective health cost management. When done effectively, it also enhances employee performance, health, and job engagement. It is time to get serious about sustainable cost reduction and prevent it with one of the HBD programs. 

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