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HealthFitness builds and manages comprehensive fitness solutions for leading companies and organizations.

As one of the leading fitness solutions providers, HealthFitness listens to what employees really want regarding their fitness and overall health. Today’s employees want to work out where and when they want as long as it fits their busy schedules.

Shortlister hosted Candace Jones, HealthFitness Executive Director of Marketing, and Jeff Fitzpatrick, HealthFitness Executive Director of Product Innovation. They shared how HealthFitness and its combination of corporate fitness center access, virtual fitness, and a gym network provide more equity in benefits and how their new hybrid membership model works.


HealthFitness is a leading fitness solutions provider that has supported the health of organizations and their people for more than 45 years. Backed by Trustmark, a benefits company that has supported employers and employees for over 100 years, today, they have the privilege of caring for over one million participants, supporting them on their health journeys.

What they do for their clients is:

  • Partner to build physical spaces – Help plan new spaces and reimagine older spaces to maximize the experience, utilization, and flow.
  • Build comprehensive programs to complement the spaces (on-site and virtually), consulting and collaborating with clients to address their specific needs, culture, and goals.
  • Manage the space and program on their client’s behalf, relieving them of the burden.
  • Engage participants and members — educating and inspiring them on their personal journey.


HealthFitness has continued to change and evolve to meet the needs of today. They have listened a lot to employees and members and recognized a few key things – people want options and variety when caring for their health and overall well-being. We all know one size does not fit all.

They need to trust the provider, they want convenience, so it needs to be easy and accessible, and they want to be part of a community that will encourage them, show up with them, hold them accountable, and makes it fun. 

HealthFitness took this to heart when coming up with their approach, which helped them think differently. They didn’t want different experiences for those coming into their fitness centers from those who weren’t. They wanted to bring them all together, so HealthFitness changed its approach to offer – hybrid memberships.


Hybrid memberships allow employees to do a workout at their workplace gym, at home, on the road when they’re traveling, or at their local boutique fitness center or studio — all with the convenience of one membership.

And employers benefit from having one vendor partner who can manage it all under one contract.


HealthFitness prioritizes creating connections as they build healthy cultures and communities. So, not only do on-site fitness centers serve as a physical location for employees to move, connect and recharge, but the fitness center also serves as the hub for all their programming. HealthFitness provides the physical space and connects everyone through everyday experiences via their digital space – HealthFitness360.

HealthFitness360 offers more than fitness.

HealthFitness360 connects everyone – live classes, seminars, meet-ups, and group and personal training. Both the physical and the virtual space are run by HealthFitness program managers, who are dedicated to their clients and serve as the face of the program. It’s these spaces and their program managers that make the hybrid memberships possible. 

All-access gym network

In addition to on-site fitness centers and HealthFitness360 digital fitness, HealthFitness is addressing the hybrid workforce with an all-access gym network called FitReserve. Employees can now choose from thousands of classes with variety and options for various interests. This all-access gym network can be a simplified alternative to labor-intensive gym reimbursement programs.


Today, employers are looking at benefits in a new way. They are really trying to find the “right” benefits that provide the most value for employees while trying to:

  • Provide equity in benefits.
  • Retain and attract talent.
  • And building a community (and culture of health) that keeps people connected regardless of where they are remote, on-site, or hybrid.

HealthFitness shared some good news: They have created a model where they now look at ALL memberships as hybrid memberships. This allows employees to work out at their workplace gym, at home virtually through HealthFitness 360, and at a boutique or studio nearby— all with the convenience of one membership.

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