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Alight is a leading cloud-based human capital technology and services provider that powers confident health, wealth, and well-being decisions for 36 million people and dependents.

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Nicole Wruck

Nicole Wruck

VP of Solution Advisory

Matt Middlebrooks

Matt Middlebrooks

VP of Enterprise Sales and Consultant Relations

Recently, we were honored to welcome Nicole Wruck, VP of Solution Advisory, and Matt Middlebrooks, VP of Enterprise Sales and Consultant Relations, from Alight to our platform. In this enlightening session, Nicole and Matt provided an in-depth exploration of Alight’s comprehensive solutions, designed to address the pressing challenges confronting every company nowadays.

Real Challenges

Underutilized programs

<5% utilization of programs offered by employers on average*

Make it for me

45% feel their wellbeing programs are relevant to them**

Stay or go

86% of employers believe that new hires decide to stay at a company in their first 90 days

Turnover and ghosting

38.6% of all employees who quit did so in their first year of employment**

Low employee satisfaction

48% say they don’t have an understanding of their total rewards

Financial insecurity

36% say they are often intimidated by financial matters**

Overwhelmed with health decisions

Nearly half of employees have regretted a health decision**

* Alight, “Employee benefits engagement-how to maintain throughout the year”
** Alight International Workforce and Wellbeing Mindset Study

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About Alight

Alight is a leading cloud-based human capital technology and services provider that powers confident health, wealth, and well-being decisions for 36 million people and dependents.

Alight empowers its customers to tackle essential business challenges, including:

  • Maintain HR compliance and efficiency
  • Employee value proposition and experience
  • Attract and retain talent
  • Improve financial health and security
  • Reduce healthcare cost
  • Create a productive and healthy workforce

Introducing the Alight Worklife® Platform

The Alight Worklife® Platform seamlessly integrates cutting-edge data and analytics with an intuitive user interface, revolutionizing the employee experience worldwide.

Backed by their global delivery capabilities, Alight Worklife is redefining how people engage with their work lives. Through personalized, data-driven insights into health, wealth, pay, and overall well-being, Alight empowers individuals with the confidence of better outcomes and peace of mind during life’s significant milestones and crucial decisions.

Alight’s comprehensive solution suite enables organizations to address a wide range of customer needs:


  • Program optimization
  • Alight Well (Digital Wellbeing)
  • Alight Marketplace
  • Alight financial path
  • Smart savings planner
  • Participant advisory services
  • Alight partner network

People Experience

  • Alight employee onboarding
  • Candidate total rewards
  • Total rewards
  • Programs library
  • Decision support technology
  • HCM integration modules (Microsoft)

Health Navigation

  • Digital navigation
  • Navigation
  • Clinical guidance
  • Behavioral health guidance
  • Cancer guidance
  • Expert medical opinion


  • Health benefits administration
  • Smart Choice (reimbursement accounts)
  • Dependent verification
  • Retiree health solutions


  • Defined contribution administration
  • Defined benefit administration
  • Pension risk transfer
  • Self-directed brokerage account


  • Leave administration (U.S.)
  • Leave administration (Canada)
  • LeavePro
Alight platform

Get in touch with Alight today!

Empower your workforce from recruitment to retirement and beyond! Your team relies on you to provide resources that enrich their health, wealth, and overall well-being. Enable them with cutting-edge data and technology, offering clear and comprehensive insights when they need it most. Connect with the Alight Solutions team today to drive superior outcomes for both your employees and your business.

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