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Alight Solutions

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  • 4/5 (15 reviews)

About Alight Solutions

Our benefits solutions help clients reduce administrative burdens while enabling flexibility and choice in plan design, insurance carriers and partners. Our consumer-centric, digital and seamless experience helps people navigate their benefits in an increasingly complex healthcare environment to make better decisions in one, integrated platform.

What we offer
• UPoint® Benefits Administration: Manage your benefits accurately and efficiently all year long with our industry-leading expertise, technology and support
• Alight Navigation Solutions: Provide comprehensive healthcare support throughout a person’s healthcare journey—online, via mobile or UPoint®, or with your personal Health Pro® consultant
• Smart-Choice Accounts®: Give your people the support they need to save with health savings accounts (HSAs) and other benefit accounts
• Dependent Verification Services: Be sure your employees’ dependents are eligible and correctly enrolled
• Compliance: Get Support in meeting regulatory requirements and reduce compliance penalties
• Your Total Rewards: Better promote the value of your total benefits package.
• Personalized communications: Capture your employees’ attention with solutions that are personalized to your culture and brand.
• Alight Partner Network: Extend your current benefits with an enhanced range of services to help your people thrive

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  • ACA Reporting Software
    • ACA Tracking
    • ACA Reporting Services
    • Benefits Administration Solution Companies
  • Benefits Decision Support
  • HSA Administrators

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