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Color is a health technology company that makes population-scale healthcare programs accessible, convenient, and cost-effective for everyone.

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Kevin Ige

Kevin Ige

Director, Strategic Partnerships

Sophie Prach

Sophie Prach

Director, Strategic Partnerships

Last week, we had the pleasure of hosting Color’s Directors of Strategic Partnerships, Sophie Prach and Kevin Ige. Sophie and Kevin discussed transforming employers’ approach to cancer care through early detection, optimized treatment, and effective employee support, all while reducing costs for your clients. They delved into Color’s Virtual Cancer Clinic, a comprehensive, end-to-end cancer care program created in partnership with the American Cancer Society.

Until there’s a cure for cancer, we need to improve the current system

Cancer incidence is rising across the globe. Every year, one in two Americans is diagnosed, and early onset cancer rates are projected to increase 31% by 2030. Moreover, cancer continues to hold steady as your clients’ top expense, with treatment costs rising at 8.5% year over year. The urgency to adopt a proactive and strategic cancer approach has never been more apparent.

Your clients have traditionally focused more on the aftermath of a diagnosis, but to effectively control the impact of cancer, employers need to shift their strategy. Key to this approach is combining early and rapid detection and diagnosis of cancer with effective care and support of employees undergoing treatment as well as those in remission.

About Color Health

Color Health offers the Virtual Cancer Clinic, in partnership with the American Cancer Society, which is a comprehensive cancer program that supports employees and members across all stages of the cancer journey. Color is a complete platform for healthcare delivery, providing the technology, infrastructure, and logistics required to distribute large-scale health initiatives to diverse populations.

Color works with employers, unions, government agencies, health plans, schools, and communities to provide equitable, accessible healthcare services. Color supports access for traditional and distributed workforces, as well as underserved communities, by removing barriers to care. Our model enables screening, counseling, and life-saving treatments to be utilized by more people, wherever they are.

Color and American Cancer Society

Cancer expert clinical team consists of:

  • Physician Group
  • High-risk experts
  • Oncology specialist network

Integrated screening and imaging services include:

  • At-home screening and genetic testing
  • In-clinic scheduling
  • Nationwide imaging network

Robust patient support includes:

  • Care advocates
  • Cancer Connect groups
  • Integrated navigation partners

American Cancer Society resources include:

  • Guidelines and research
  • Educational resources
  • Support programs
  • Cancer information specialists

Color’s impact on your clients’ employees

  • Education and Prevention: Over 20% average enrollment in the first year, including dependents.
  • Cancer Screening: 77% increase in adherence to evidence-based cancer screening guidelines.
  • Diagnosis Management: 100% of participants receive in-network clinical appointments within 2 weeks.
  • Cancer Care:8/5 satisfaction rating with Color’s care team.
  • Survivorship: 27% reduction in anxiety through Color’s Cancer Connect groups.

Projected program outcomes

Lower healthcare costs

  • $21K+ average savings on care per cancer case
    – Lower treatment costs through early detection
    – Ensuring treatment follows NCCN Guidelines


  • $220+ average savings on clinical services per screening
    – Lower clinical fees through more efficient at-home delivery
    – Ensuring referrals to cost-effective imaging centers

Positive workforce impact

  • 60 fewer work days missed from earlier detection
  • 38% reduction in depression among cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers
  • 2-3x improved survival rate with earlier detection

Get in touch with the Color team today!

The best thing your clients can do for their business tomorrow is invest in cancer detection and care today. Contact Color at to help your clients take control of cancer.

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