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Galileo is a forward-thinking medical group dedicated to ensuring that quality healthcare is within reach for everyone.

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Dr. Jason Chirichigno

Dr. Jason Chirichigno

Clinical Lead at Galileo

Jake Coniglio

Jake Coniglio

Chief Commercial Officer at Galileo

In today’s dynamic brokerage landscape, innovative strategies are imperative to provide clients with impactful solutions that effectively combat rising costs. As the demand for consolidation and tangible results intensifies, brokers are increasingly turning to Galileo.

Just last week, we had the privilege of hosting Galileo’s MD, Clinical Systems Leader, Jason Chirichigno, and Chief Commercial Officer, Jake Coniglio, for an engaging webinar session.

During the event, Jason and Jake unveiled Galileo’s Multispecialty Digital Medical Practice, a groundbreaking initiative democratizing expert primary and specialty care, rendering it both affordable and accessible to all.

About Galileo

Galileo is a forward-thinking medical group dedicated to ensuring that quality healthcare is within reach for everyone. Their approach is rooted in modernity, designed to address the diverse and intricate needs of today’s populations through digital, community, and home-based care solutions.

With a presence in all 50 states, Galileo strives to elevate the standard of care while simultaneously reducing healthcare costs for both patients and healthcare purchasers alike.

Founded by Dr. Thomas Lee, a Harvard-trained physician and visionary in healthcare innovation, whose previous ventures include One Medical and Epocrates, Galileo brings together a team of trailblazers from the realms of healthcare, technology, and human-centered design to redefine the healthcare experience.

Overview of Galileo’s modern Medical Practice

Galileo’s modern medical practice mirrors the structure of an academic medical center, leveraging a proprietary EMR, robust data analytics, and seasoned healthcare professionals to elevate the standard of care delivered to patients on a large scale.

This includes:

  • Primary, Specialty and Mental Health Care: Acute, chronic, and complex care for pediatrics to geriatrics across 20+ specialty areas, including full spectrum therapy + coaching programs
  • Full-Time Providers Nationwide: Multilingual support with embedded Spanish
  • Embedded Care Navigation: In-network referrals and member support
  • Team-Based Care: PCPs collaborate with specialists in real-time (curbside consults) for built-in second opinions
  • Population Health: Care Management, Quality Outcomes, Gap Closure, Care Transitions, Hotspotting
  • Impact
    <10% referral rate
    46% fewer specialty visits 
    11%+ cost savings

Flexible delivery model: near-site, on-site, home and mobile

  • Ongoing, all-inclusive, and fully coordinated advanced primary and specialty care
  • Proprietary EMR + Data Integrations
  • Value-based, pop health foundation
  • Flexible pricing options: FFS, PEPM, or utilization-based wages to employees with over 95% client retention.

A simple member experience: How it works

Step 1: Download the Galileo app.

Members simply register through their employer-sponsored Galileo will then guide you through a few questions so their doctors can better understand your needs.

Step 2: Connect with the Galileo team of medical experts.

Whether you need an annual wellness visit, prescription renewals, assistance with medical concerns, or ongoing chronic care management, Galileo’s team of doctors can help. No matter the size of the issue, they are dedicated to providing personalized care tailored to every unique health need.

Step 3: Receive comprehensive care.

Galileo offers a range of thoughtful care options designed with individual preferences in mind. Their doctors can assist with prescription orders, lab tests, and provide referrals to expert in-network doctors in the community when needed.

Galileo: bridging healthcare gaps across rural and urban centers

  • Primary Care Provider (PCP) or Doctor of Record: Serving as the designated healthcare provider for patients facing medical homelessness, limited access to care, or those lacking active care management.
  • Support for Underinsured and Cost-Conscious Individuals: Extending assistance to patients with insurance coverage but high deductibles that hinder their access to healthcare. Additionally, Galileo addresses the needs of employees not eligible for traditional benefits.
  • Addressing Acute or Unmet Healthcare Needs: Providing essential care for individuals unable to reach their primary care provider or pediatrician, as well as offering second opinions on medical issues when needed.

Results: lower cost and improved quality

  • 87% of care resolved without a referral
  • 78% of visits avoided inpatient, ED, urgent care
  • 7x  A1C improvements
  • 5% reduction in total cost of care
  • 50% less specialist visits

Connect with Galileo’s employer team today!

Whether it’s managing everyday health concerns or navigating complex chronic conditions, the Galileo team is ready to provide comprehensive treatment and support tailored to your organization’s needs. Reach out to Galileo today and discover how you can improve outcomes while lowering costs for your members and your healthcare program overall.

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