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HealthJoy is a care navigation platform that helps more than 1,300 employers and their partners bring benefits strategies to life.

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Jeffrey Dorfman

Jeffrey Dorfman

Regional Vice President of Sales

Ethan Kaplan

Ethan Kaplan

Enterprise Sales Executive

Last week we were delighted to welcome HealthJoy to our esteemed Meet a Vendor webinar series for the first time. Jeffrey Dorfman, Regional Vice President for the Mid-Market, Central, along with Ethan Kaplan, Enterprise Sales Executive at HealthJoy, introduced our audience to the innovative offerings of HealthJoy.

Their dynamic presentation included a comprehensive demo of the core HealthJoy experience, captivating our attendees with its functionality and benefits. The session proved to be both engaging and enlightening, leaving participants informed and inspired.

Tackle your most persistent benefits challenges

Today, HealthJoy partners with over 1,300 employers across various industries and sizes to optimize benefits strategies and programs. Despite the diversity of their client base, these four persistent challenges emerge in their daily conversations with employers and brokers alike:

  1. Effectively Containing Healthcare Costs
  2. Boosting Benefits Engagement
  3. Addressing Strategic HR Initiatives
  4. Improving Employee Health

Despite the significant time and resource investment organizations have made in developing comprehensive benefits packages, navigating these programs and knowing when to utilize them can be daunting and costly for employees and their families.

To truly challenge the status quo on benefits and healthcare costs, organizations and their broker partners must shift their focus to intuitive experiences that simplify and streamline the process for their members. This is precisely where HealthJoy excels.


About HealthJoy

HealthJoy is a care navigation platform that helps more than 1,300 employers and their partners bring benefits strategies to life. The HealthJoy app makes it simple for employees to choose the highest-quality, most cost-effective care. This results in healthier employees and a healthier bottom line.

HealthJoy makes all benefits—regardless of vendor—feel like a single experience. Imagine a Netflix-like experience for your benefits with ongoing personalization for users and engagement and reporting tooling for employers.

HealthJoy is driven by its vision to remove the complexity of being healthy. By providing a personalized experience and instant access to high-quality, low-cost care, HealthJoy is able to drive impactful savings for employees and employers alike.

HealthJoy’s flexible model

HealthJoy offers a flexible model that can be broken down into 3 main steps:

The first step is CENTRALIZATION

HealthJoy centralizes all client strategies into a unified and intuitive experience tailored to each client and personalized to each member. As your plans and strategies evolve – so does HealthJoy – limiting disruption for your employees and increasing engagement simultaneously.

The second step is NAVIGATION

While HealthJoy is high-tech, they are still high-touch, providing 24-hour access to expert Concierge support to deliver personalized recommendations to each member.

The third step is VIRTUAL CARE

Add-on services range from general telemedicine to musculoskeletal health, chronic condition management, and virtual primary care.

HealthJoy offerings

Why HealthJoy?

The impact speaks for itself:

  • Bundle an unbundled benefits strategy: 142 HR hours saved / 100 employees annually
  • Adapt to employee wants and needs: 2-3x increase in benefits utilization
  • Tackle current and future healthcare costs: 21% lower spend for high-cost claimants
  • Achieve healthier outcomes for all: 94% average benefits satisfaction score

Reach out to HealthJoy team today!

Reach out to their dedicated team today to schedule a demo. Discover firsthand how HealthJoy brings benefits to life, supercharges engagement, and drives savings for employees and employers alike.

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