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Shortlister hosted Thomas Tegler, President at Orthus Health, a Wellworks For You Company, along with Maria Wolf, Diabetes Clinical Director at Orthus Health, to share more details on Orthus approach to providing a personal approach to diabetes management. 

About Orthus Health

Orthus Health has been serving organizations with wellness and population health management solutions, data analytics, health coaching, and disease risk tracking for more than 20 years. 

With Orthus Health for Diabetes, employers can provide personalized support and motivation to help employees keep their blood glucose within an appropriate range – ultimately providing value for both the individual and the company’s bottom line. 

Providing a Personal Approach to Diabetes Management 

Did you know that Diabetes is the most expensive chronic condition in our nation? It is a growing epidemic, burdening employers with both direct medical costs and lost productivity.  

Today, there is a limited pool of healthcare professionals able to fully care for individuals managing their diabetes solely with traditional in-office or virtual visits. Orthus Health for Diabetes provides a fast path to help members with diabetes keep their blood glucose within an appropriate range, giving the members confidence in their care. They empower members with individualized plans to fit their personal needs, support with easy-to-use technology, and provide resources backed by professionals. 

What makes Orthus Health different?

Their biggest difference from other diabetes programs is the way they can personalize the program. They do not choose your meter but connect to over 30 models. The approach of Orthus Health consists of: 

  • Support – individuals with an easy-to-use technology to regularly capture blood glucose readings from ANY glucometer, including non-connected or Bluetooth devices. 
  • Empower – individuals with analytics-driven, individualized nutrition, exercise, and adherence alerts – driven by everyone’s changing risk level, with consideration for people with diabetes with microvascular and macrovascular conditions. 
  • Advise – those with diabetes and pre-diabetes through digital and telephonic health coaching to avert undesirable complications and inspire positive behavior change. 

Unlike other diabetes management platforms, Orthus Health for Diabetes was built, not on maintaining the status quo, but on condition improvement. 

  • For the member to consult with their physician and choose the device that best meets their needs
  • For employers to fund the device(s) that meet their budget
  • Package the glucose meter with specific program materials to make it easy to connect to our app.

As the incidence of diabetes increases, Orthus Health continues to offer innovative solutions to support, empower and advise individuals with diabetes. 

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