Meet a Vendor

OSHI HEALTH – Meet a Vendor

OSHI HEALTH - Meet A Vendor

Shortlister hosted Sam Holliday, CEO at Oshi Health, to share how they are bringing integrated care to people with gastrointestinal (GI) conditions.

GI care isn’t easy to manage.  There are no clear, easily accessible biomarkers to provide feedback, so daily tracking and monitoring of many factors – from symptoms to food – is needed to guide treatment.       

Current care is reactive, involving labs and procedures that rule out serious conditions but often don’t help with an actual diagnosis, and provides little to no support between visits.  What patients need is care that is frequent and ongoing, including:

Poor patient experiences and outcomes in traditional GI care are resulting in reduced productivity, increased absenteeism and unnecessarily high costs.


Oshi Health is a virtual-first gastroenterology clinic with a whole-person approach to care, providing:

Their integrated GI care is offered via telehealth to help with diagnostics, stress, anxiety, nutrition, lifestyle, medications, and more.  Members have easy access to proactive, high-touch care with the coordinated support and personalization they deserve.


Oshi Health is structured as a medical practice, enabling them to provide comprehensive, end-to-end care from assessment and diagnosis to whole-person therapy to maintenance, all in one solution:


Easy access to convenient telehealth visits with truly integrated, whole-person care results in fewer expensive procedures.  Check out the positive impact it made in a specific case study:

GI is where mental health and MSK were five years ago.  There is huge opportunity for early adopters to advance GI care outcomes and value.  Don’t let the stigma of GI care leave employees with anxiety about pooping at the office again! 💩

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