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SWORD HEALTH – Meet A Vendor

SWORD HEALTH - Meet A Vendor

Shortlister hosted Tom Goldhardt, Director of Sales, Chanel Zueger, Alliances Manager and Ashley Bass, Clinical Specialist at SWORD Health to share how SWORD Health helps people overcome chronic and post-surgical pain faster and cost-effectively than any other solution out there.


With the aging of the US population, musculoskeletal diseases are becoming a greater burden every year costing more than cancer and mental health combined becoming the number one issue impacting employer health care costs.


SWORD Health is a clinically proven end to end digital solution for workforces suffering from musculoskeletal disorders. The SWORD Health solution enables people to get clinical-grade care for acute pain, chronic musculoskeletal disorders, and post-surgical rehab. They pair members with a Doctor of Physical Therapy who prescribes an exercise, education and coaching program tailored to their individual needs.


SWORD Health’s solution helps your members outsmart MSK pain with the only clinical-grade digital solution proven to outperform in-person care. Employers choose SWORD Health because of its clinical focus and premium member experience.


Their programs are proven to work better than anything else out there to save both members and businesses money by removing the need for surgeries and other costly treatments.

The numbers speak for themselves:

As the world’s fastest-growing virtual musculoskeletal (MSK), SWORD Health has helped thousands of people overcome pain, avoid surgeries, eliminate medications, recover from surgery, and get their lives back. This care provider can land you a hand to outsmart and prevent MSK for good.

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