Meet a Vendor

VITAL WORKLIFE – Meet a Vendor

VITAL WORKLIFE - Meet a Vendor

Shortlister hosted James Grimm, National Director of Sales with VITAL WorkLife, to address burnout with their well being resources benefit built for healthcare organizations.

Physicians don’t use traditional Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs), while more than half of U.S. physicians experience burnout, related to a range of factors, one being organizational factors. The cost? Significant clinical reduction, millions of dollars and valuable time replacing physicians, and a significant increase in medical errors.

VITAL WorkLife is a physician-focused national behavioral health consulting practice supporting all dimensions of well being in the workplace. Their team of certified peer coaches and behavioral health consultants has delivered a proven process for life-changing well being solutions since 2007.

VITAL WorkLife’s Proven Process

VITAL WorkLife’s proven process has resulted in a 37% usage rate with a 99.5% retention rate. 

Their Physician Well Being Resources include virtual and face-to-face tools to build resiliency and resolve burnout:

VITAL WorkLife’s Proven Process

VITAL WorkLife aligns with best practices in healthcare and helps create a culture of wellness, efficiency of practice, and develop personal resilience skills. Members have a personalized experience and can confidently engage and collaborate with:

VITAL WorkLife has been adding value to healthcare practices since 2007 and is passionate about helping physicians become their best selves using specific solutions to address their unique needs.

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